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2016-03-05 21:27:58
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Good Evening!
It’s Oda SakuraEmoji




After coming back from Houston,
every day we’re doing spring tour rehearsals but you know!



Today was our first, going through 1 performance worthEmoji



There were small misses but
there weren’t any big mistakes points


Well I’ll say it or, little by little
we could see the shape of itEmoji that how it feels!




I feel like with today’s stage acting as 0, from here I want to do my best again Emoji


Showing everyone will happen in 1 week right? Emoji



I’ll do my bestEmoji






Oda’s legs are looongーーーー
Where is she walking?Emoji


in HoustonEmoji




Suzuki-san and I
in Houston were indebted greatly to Mitsui Aika-sanEmoji


Reaaally, I’m glad Mitsui-san was there for usー(>人<;)



For English things of course there’s that, and,
more than anything for having a fun time in HoustonEmoji



Really I have lots of gratitudeEmoji





Well well(=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again☆★☆



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