American Tale/Sudden Thought @NonakaMiki

2016-03-05 18:36:08



It’s Nonaka Miki


A sudden though





As the train shaked this character floated into my head so I tried drawing it.Emoji


It’s name is MofuEmoji
Somehow this image is…Emoji Shocking!


Mmーhmm, Mumumu
It’s Nonaka who doesn’t have enough surrealism so she can’t really hit the mark with it (O_O)


Maybe it’s a bit far off for surrealismEmojiEmoji



America TaーーーーーーーlkEmoji


This is, the Space Center tourEmoji
We moved in this tour bus like thing and
this is a picture of that timeEmojiEmojiEmoji






We passed beside a farm-tic placeEmojiEmoji


Thinking, “Why is there a cow in a space center?”EmojiEmoji


But then with that this scenery…
it’s reaーlly very nostalgicEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Every day we passed back and forth by these kind of places soEmoji
I occasionally say things about cows and stuff on the blog,
this Emoji it felt like this tooEmoji



Next to my house there was a farmEmoji



For little while I was soaked in nostalgia,
It’s hard to be believe it’d be found in this kind of placeEmoji





Everyone, where are your
memorable places Emoji



Well then!










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