Thank You♡ Ogata Haruna

2016-03-01 18:47:47
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Konban Haーchin!Emoji





Houston was fun (^^)b





Preparing to come home,
for some reason I have more worry about my luggage being light and if I didn’t forget anything than when I came (lol)




Maybe it’s because the Japanese food portion I brought with me in the luggage has decreased??



Even then I bought souvenirs so it should’ve increased~Emoji





I don’t really get it but,
I won’t forget to bring back even one of the many memories as I coming homeEmoji
This time, in Houston, there’s one phrase I used most!




EmojiEmojiThank YouEmojiEmoji




Arigatou! is, something that’s understood anywhere in the world!
It feels really good and I felt that it’s a fantastic phrase(●´▽`●)















What language are these??Emoji






For us too, there are those that get it and used 『Arigatou.』 in Japanese too, that made me happyEmoji




Really thank you so muchー!!


Thank You!!




It was only a couple of days but just I got into America Mode just a little bit, everyone’s reactions were big and stuff~



WOW!! and YEAR!! pointlessly trying to use stuff like that a lot~




Before I know it my conversation will be all in English~


No that’s wrong right? Σ\(゚Д゚;) lol





But for Haruna, when sleeping the English conversations spun in my head GuruGuruGuruGuru they wouldn’t leave…




This is also from America Mode?!! Thinking about it, outside of the hotel room were American people just talking (lol)




Just normally.




From Houston every day without change I tried updating the blog at night in Japan time Emoji




Stories with 『Yesterday’s~』 and like 『For today,』 with the time difference might have been a little strange?? I’m sorryEmoji





It felt like America and japan are really far but…


Lots of Comments and Ii ne![tl aka: likes] come in, so it ends up being the happy feeling that “a proper Haruna blog is getting there!”Emoji





Thinking about coming back to Japan, it’s already MarchEmojiEmoji




For March, the spring tour and HinaFes is starting!
I gotta do my best so that everyone can get happyーー(^^)





That’s it!!




☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆


Yesterday, the cake I got as a surpriseEmoji
For the regular dessert, after I ate chocolate cake with everyone another piece of the same cake came out, everyone laughed Emoji A big treat!!



The richness, it was yummyEmoji



I ate so much, my body is heavyーーー!!!(lol)











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Trip! Kudou Haruka

2016-03-01 19:00:51
Theme:Kudou Haruka





I’ve returned home to Japan~!!



this Houston trip, was 4 nights 6 days and every day was fulfilling and very fun ( ^ω^ )


It went by in such a flash!









First off the 1st day!
Arriving in Houston, we went to the amusement park with everyone and played around hard, and went to a giant super market.
We got to buy souvenirs and landmark items, it was greatly satisfying◎


The first days meal was Italian (^_^)




2nd Day!


We did the Opening Ceremony and the Q&A.
We got loーts of questions, it was really fun!


For dinner we had Mexican cooking




For the 3rd day, it was the signing event and the concert
Fun fun! After it finished there was an incredible feeling of accomplishment (^_^)!
It was a joy~, I want to do it again!!


At night, we ate hamburgers



4th day!
The event final day we finished with a signing event
Little by little we got to converse in English, I thought to myself, “I’ve made progress~!” you know. lol
After that, to Houston Space Center!


In the afternoon we had teppanyaki, at night we had a meal with all the performers and all the staff.



5th day! Returning Home!
6th day! Returning Home!






It was roughly like this ☺︎✌︎






Mitsui Aika-san came with us too, she really saved us…..


We got to talk lots too, it was fun~♪♪


Thank you so much( ^ω^ )










I have a large amount of pictures so, on the blog and Hello!Mobile’s 「Duー Demo Ii Shashinkan 」[tl: Du- Whatever Photo Studio] I’ll be putting them up I thi~nk\(^_^)/






Sorry for going on this long





Kansha, Kangeki, Kuduー? Kanduー!
[tl note: Kudou wordplay: Thanks, Impressed, Kudouー? Excitedー!]



「Kyou no Duー Demo Ii Koto」[tl: Kudu Wordplay: Today’s Du- Whatever]
This time I didn’t really have that much jetlag!



Kudou Haruka



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Houston. Ikuta Erina

2016-03-01 17:07:52
Theme:Ikuta Erina




Good Eveningーーー♡♡


It’s Eriponーーー( ˙˘˙ )







It’s Houston yon!!!!!


Recently we had gone to the Houston Space Center!!!!


Lots of you came to the LIVE, really thank you so much!!
I think it was a really delightful time!!!



But you know… the jetlag was brutal…*cry*


I was tired all the time…
I wasn’t like that at all in Hawaii though! lol lol


The time difference was 15 hours!!!!



I called Mama…
「What time do you think this is! You’re too energetic!」!!



No way! In Houston it’s morning!!!!
Seems it was the middle of the night in Japan lol lol



My family souvenirs were perfect♡♡


For Papa, spacefood and models? Things like that!


There’s a place in our house to put figures but…
there are anime figures, cars, plastic models and things like that there!!!



Like I wnated to add to it lol lol



For Mama it’s clothes I think???


It’s like the clothes Eri wears is the clothes Mama wears!
We’re basically the same size! lol lol




For my little bro it’s STARWARS goods I think???


Seems he likes BB-8 but…
there weren’t any goods, so from the various things I bought he’ll get to pick lol lol



Those who had a birthday on 2/29, congratulations!!


1 birthday in 4 years!!!!!!
For Eri, with leapyear people are UkiUki cheery!



Have a fantastic year!!!





Please invite us overseas again♡♡





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TadaiManbouーo(^▽^)o Suzuki Kanon

2016-03-01 17:16:12
Theme:Suzuki Kanon
[title tl note: Tadaima/I’m Home + Manbou/Sunfish]


OtsuKanon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


We’ve returned home to Japan! But…



It’s been a BataBata commotion so I couldn’t updateアセアセ



I’m sorry T^T



ANIME MATSURI  completely finishedキラキラ



During the 3 Days we got to do signing meets, a live, and a Q&A.



At the signing meet, I made the most of my English power (Which is like 0) and conversedウインク



Nothing but great, warm people…えーん



Of the oversea’s fans, there were really lots of cool people who could express their own feelings straight to us!



There hasn’t been a time in the past that made me feel like I was gonna cry like this than these 3 days…!



I got lots of love ハート



No matter where you don’t know whether or not your feelings come across but, I want to convey these feelings even if my words don’t come across!!!



Thinking that I got to do the event.



At the live, for the encore, I got a Zukki-call, I felt so good I questioned if itw as okay to feel this joy even here ^_^;



It was my last overseas performance but, even being reborn I wouldn’t want this member to disappear, that’s how joyous it was…!



Even in America, people came from far away states, and people came from various places outside of America… T^T



For the fantastic time, thank you so much!!!











Mitsui-san for these days supported us…!



It’s been a while since we’ve been together with Mitsui-san for days and, spending time with Mitsui-san really made me happy おねがい



For the 9ki Members, for more than a year, we haven’t had senpai in the group so, for the first time in a while we had someone we could have peace of mind with and can rely on♡



When talking for the live MC and with shope employees too, Mitsui-san saved me えーん



Thank you so much♡♡♡
















It’s not a long letter like this but, I wrote a message to the overseas fans, I had the English in that fixed by Nonaka Miki-chan!







[tl note: I have not modified this passage at all, it is 100% Zukki+Nonaka]


I am so have to meet all of you. We may can not meet again, but I will never ever forget all of the loves you gave me.
You have given me the force to get over hard times in the future.
The memories with you is my lifetime treasure. I’ll love you forever.








With that, OtsuKanon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



For everyone tomorrow too, I hope you have a fantastic day♪(´ε` )



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Thank you❤️ Satou Masaki-chan

2016-03-01 16:13:58
Theme:Satou Masaki


It’s MaーchanEmoji




It’s Today’s CharactersEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Emerald Green 10ki Member
Satou Masaki, Maーchan


Orange 10ki Member
Kudou Haruka, Kuduー


The Angel Face in Morning Musume’16
The girl who has hehe the most confidence in her own face
with maybe a weak mentality?
But the narcissist-chan




Lavender color 11ki Member
Oda Sakura, Odango. Odasaku


Morning Musume’16‘s songstress
who’s very good at make-up
and after that veーーry good at taking selfies
For sure, look at Oda Sakura-chan‘s
blog please








Fun… hehe






It was funーーーーーーEmojiEmojiEmoji




First offfEmoji


Getting to meet everyoneEmojiEmojiEmoji




It made me veーーーry happy, IT DIDEmoji


You know?Emoji








Those who came to see the LIVE tooハート



Thank you so very much爆笑



Maーchan, totaーーーllyウインク


Thanks you so muchゲラゲラチョキ



That’s how I feltにひひパー





When it comes to being able to come to Houston, I was veryラブパー




You know?




Those of you overseasキラキラ



When we metルンルン






It’s you know~ラブラブ



well this and that you know~ラブラブ







there were lots of you who said thatEmoji

















Maーchanwas VERY MUCHEmojiEmojiEmoji


happy andEmojiEmoji


At the same time I couldn’t hide my surpriseEmoji





You know about itーーEmojiEmojiEmoji


that isEmoji



Though we were being secretiveEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


From the leftOdango and Maーchan, THAT’S USEmoji






From here tooEmoji


I’ll do my bestEmojiEmoji




For these 3 Days, thank you so muchEmojiEmojiEmoji



From the left 
Kuduー, Maーchan, and Odango THAT’S USEmoji




Kuduー is snoozing huhEmojiEmoji


yes she isssEmojiEmoji




Why did she end up sleeping~…ムカムカEmoji


But that’sーーjustーーfineEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji






At the timeEmoji


MaーSaku took snapshotsEmojiEmoji








From tomorrowEmojiEmojiEmoji


The pictures I took in Houston and stuff
I’ll be putting them up when I put up a blog



I’ll do my bestEmoji











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Anime Matsuri☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-02-29 09:59:54
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Anime Matsuri 
2nd day signing meet, LIVE and 3rd day  signing meet


we reached the end of all the events…EmojiEmoji


At the signing meet this time, we signed on official goods and raw photos at specific place Emoji


There was theo nly place we got to talk with everyone directly so, it was a very valuable time Emoji



And the LIVE!Emoji
With events and Hello!Con we showed each of the songs numerous times and, since becoming a 12 member group, our first regular LIVE was Anime Matsuri and we had fun with everyoneーEmoji


This time what made me happy more than anything is that the LIVE was really fired upEmoji


ヽ(*´□`*)ノ♪ The cheers were amazing toooo♪


It was freestyle so during the concert the number of people steadily increased, it ended up being a chance for people who didn’t know Morning Musume。 to get to know them too EmojiEmoji


Before I knew it the people moving had increased, it was surprising!Emoji



Nonaka-chan also did a sitting performance but she ended up enjoying singing and dancingEmoji


Even Nonaka-chan’s speech showed a loーt of powerEmoji


Not just on stage, at shops and places at every location we ended up relying on everyoneEmojiEmoji




All the American fansEmoji
All of you who came from JapanEmoji
All of you who came from Canada and MexicoEmoji
All of you who came from far awayEmoji


Wrapped in lots of love, when LIVE finished it was very lonely…Emoji




For the 12ki members it was their first overseas performance


For this kind of chanceEmoji
Thank you so very muchEmoji


From the organizers, we got the happy words that this was the best LIVE they’ve had in their 10 yearsEmoji



At the next day’s signing event maybe because of the LIVE’s influences??
The fans increasedーーーEmojiEmoji


It was a cheerful Ukare Mode Morning Musume。’16 Emoji


Everyoーne supporting us
thank you so much for the lots of power ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞Emoji




Japan 0:59am
Houston 9:59am



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『I Saw A Rocket!♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-02-28 22:20:34
Theme:Makino Maria



Everyone how are you?


Houston 4th Day




Today was, 音符AnimeMatsuri音符 3rd Day


We got to do a signing meetEmojiEmoji
Thank you so much!
I got to talk a lot, Maria very much had funEmoji


After the signing meet finished too until the end you were there,
Going 「ByeBye!」
and like,
you called out for me・・・.
Really it made me happyEmojiEmoji
Thank you so much!


I’ll come to Houston againEmojiEmoji







We went to Houston International Space CenterEmojiEmoji


I saw a real rocket!
A rocket that went to and came back from space!




It’s huge!!!
It’s really very big, it’s surprisingEmojiEmoji


We could see the engine and inside the rocket too!
「Amazing! Big! Heeー!」
Maria was saying that constantly EmojiEmoji


I wanted to go to Houston International Space Center the whole time so, it was really very fun Emoji




Today, it was just filled with fun and happy thingsEmojiEmojiEmoji
I ate my fill of yummy things tooEmojiEmoji




Houston’s funEmoji
I want to come again you knowEmoji






Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji


音譜Makino Maria音譜





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Loーts I Want To Write @NonakaMiki

2016-02-28 22:11:39
Theme:Nonaka Miki



It’s American perfume and hair cologne getting good smell obsessed person Nonaka MikiEmoji














Akanechin sleepingchinEmoji









Nonaka-shi staringEmojiEmoji
For rooms I’m together with AkanechinEmoji
We decided by lottery~


Nonaka is a person who hardly sleeps? maybeEmoji
I’m often told, “i’ve never seen you sleeping much,”Emoji





Yesterday was the concerーーーーーtEmojiEmoji
On next Wednesday’s English Blog DAY I’ll write my impressions so please look forward to itEmoji




Aa~I’ve got a lot of pictures I want to put up but I can’t put up anymoreEmoji I’ll be putting them out a little at a time kayEmoji


There’s a loーt I want to write too but I just can’t sort it allEmoji



For now Emoji JOY!


Well then! This was Nonaka who for some reason has an English dialect to her Japanese nowwwwwEmoji















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Birthday Surprise! Ogata Haruna

2016-02-29 21:23:28
Theme:Ogata Haruna







Konban Haーchin!Emoji





Today there was the signing meet, TV recordings for a Chinese show, and thigns like that Emoji





For America, it’s not just English, there are people who talk in various languages, it’s stimulating Emoji





We, well
Haruna also has Japanese and Kansai dialect, she can speak 2 languages though huh ( ̄▽ ̄) lol



Studying English too it’s 3 languagesEmoji



Beating Nonaka-shiEmoji lol


Just kidding~






And today, a surprising event!!




At the teppanyaki place we went to for lunch…


after we finished eating~




The birthday song and a dessert came out together,
Maria-chan and Haruna’s birhtday was celebrated with the members, staff, and the shop peopleEmojiEmoji


♪♪Shiawase Nara Te wo Tatakou [tl aka “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”]♪♪ was sun with everyone in chorus~(●´▽`●)




The fact that they even know this song in America was surprisingEmoji




Super happyーーー!!!





And well…!!



Tonight we got to participate in the Anime Matsuri performers’ dinner and,


There too as a surprise, we ended up getting a birthday cake and the birthday song as a present EmojiEmoji




An unexpected, surprising birthday celebration, it really made me happyEmoji



Thank you so much!!






Moreover today, we went to see Houston’s Space Center and billboard sign, we got to make lots of fantastic memoriesEmoji





Spending days together with the members, every day is very fun so, coming back to Japan will be a little lonely~Emoji



But I miss my family, firm tofu, and sweet red bean soup too~Emoji




I’m a greet one huh!!(*´-`*) lol





My first time overseas,
there was lots of anxiety and nervousness but…



I got to meet all kinds of people and have a fun time, it was the best



So that we can do work even overseas from here on, I’ll do my best!!! Unending OgataーーーEmoji





☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆


My hotel roommate was, Maria-chan~Emoji


It was decided by lotteryEmoji


The HaruMaki Conbi in a room~
It was fun (*´▽`)ノノ







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Houston is the Best :)! Iikubo Haruna

2016-02-28 23:23:46
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







The events done over 3 days in America, Houston, ANIME MATSURI has finished~えーん!








It is~爆笑



It’s not!



It is~えーん it is!





Really, the time was like a dream.



Since joining Morning Musume。 I’ve dreamed of participating in an event like this the whole time so



That dream coming true really makes me happy!!





The atsmophere filled with lots of beloved Anime・Games・Manga


there were lots of cosplayers



I was excited the whole time.





Yesterday there was the Morning Musume。’16 live,




I think doing a live like live with the 12 of us was a first.



To that extent, so that we could deliver a high quality live, the members practiced all in one mass!



Everyone who came down to the venue was very fired up, I have the self confidence that we gave our power!!




Moreover, speakign about ANIME MATSURI, there were lots of cosplaying fans too,



For me, gathering people who love both 「Morning Musume。」 and 「Anime」 in that spaces was 『joy』 itself.



Together together! My beloved! Morning Musume。 and Anime loved!



With these feelings I did the live 照れ



I felt like I got to share these feelings (*^^*)





It was just 3 days so (T_T)


it’s very sad (T_T)



At the signing meet we got to communicate, we got to do a lot manga talk too!




The venue’s Pokemon, Naruto, and Haikyuー‼︎ popularity!! lol
There were lots of Legend of Zelda cosplayers too~!




All these characters were fired up but, the one that was especially impressive was Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Berserk’s Gutz and Griffith! Griffith’s yummy, very much a character I like. I know Berserk you know! Touken Ranbu too!





Live and events, generally it was all fun!


Really, I’m glad I got to go to Houstonショボーン




There were people who were from countries other than America too, I heard lots of 『I’m waiting』.



For sure, I want to go to where all the overseas fans are from too!


Please wait for us (*^^*)!







For Houston stories other than the events I’ll do it another day kay~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))




At the hotel, I was together with an angel so it’s calming~照れ



This angel, who could it be~??











Fashion Coordinate App


キラキラWEAR キラキラ











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