Everyone Together☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-02-27 08:02:41
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Right now in Houston it’s 8 in the morningEmoji


At last Anime Matsuri startedEmoji


the 1st day was the Opening Ceremony and the Q&A corner♪
I get to hear everyone’s voice asking directlyEmoji


You brought along goods that are sold in Japan, and you read my blog, that makes me happyEmoji


The world is tied together ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♬



At the Opening Ceremony Nonaka Miki-chan represented us and greeted everyone for us.


I be completely dependent! Even though we set up that goal, everyone was saved by nonaka (>人<;)Emoji


Mitsui-san came to Houston too so that’s reassuring.


However! It’s not possible to leave it all to one person so, the members are also practicing English for the LIVE MC talk!


Everyone being able to communicate makes me happy you know.


Today from here there’s the sign event, and the LIVE!
Everyone in HoustonEmoji
Those who came from other countriesEmoji
Those who rushed in from Japan tooEmoji


Please look forward to themEmoji


……while saying that
(,,•﹏•,,) I’m really really nervousEmoji


All right!
We’re offーEmoji




Japan time it’s 23:02
Houston time it’s 8:02


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Oharuー!!Ogata Haruna

2016-02-27 21:32:18
Theme:Ogata Haruna







Konban Haーchin!Emoji





America 2nd DayEmoji


I’m having a very fun time (*´▽`)ノ




The food, people, and scenery is different from Japan, like, “There’s worlds like this?ー!!” It felt like my field of vision has broadenEmoji




There’s lots of friendly people,
When saying 『HELLO~!』 they respond with a smileEmojiEmoji It’s fantastic!!





From today the events have started tooーーEmoji



We appeared for the Opening Ceremony and the Q&A corner,
I got to meet with all the fans overseas and all the fans who came from Japanー!!Emoji




『Haーchin!』 and 『Oharuー!』 Hearing the calls I was moved! It made me really happyEmoji




For tomorrow’s Concert too, keep going OgataEmoji
The 12ki assembled~EmojiEmoji




It’s a picture from yesterday, when we went to the amusement parkEmoji



For Haruna, I can’t really ride any of the scream rides so I watched everyone from belowEmoji




American rollercoasters, they have this “Of course this is America!” feel from the look and speed, it seemed scaryEmoji




Watching the members looking like they’re having fun riding those scary rollercoasters, 1 person was panicking, “I’m fallingーーー!Gyaーーー!” (lol)




AhーIt was scaryーー!!!Emoji






If we do the ferris wheel at the end Haruna can ride too! And so with all the members we rode the ferris wheel but…




American ferris wheels. Have you riden them before??




the speed they turn is more than 2x Japan’sEmoji




At the top it would suddenly stop, the speed would get fast,
already it’s a screaming ride!!! lol




But the members were all WaiWai excited,
it was funEmoji





By the way the night view I put up in yesterday’s blog,
on the ferris wheel’s 3 loop I finally had the time to take a picture so I took that pictureEmoji



While being jittery I was able to take a pretty one tooEmoji




I’m taking lots of Houston’s wide and pretty scenery tooー!!


Look forward to itEmoji




That’s all!!




☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆ 


My first time! Going to an American StarbucksEmojiEmoji



So stylishー!!!
They have a menu they don’t have in Japan too it made me WakuWaku excited but…


In the end what I orded was, a cafe latteEmoji



it had an American! taste. Probably!(lol)













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I’m Good! Cool! Haga Akane

2016-02-27 21:23:15
Theme:Haga Akane


Konban OyakiーEmoji





It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to update, I’m sorry…




The Hello!Con Hokkaido performance, and the handshake event, because of influenza I ended up absent from them, I’m sorry.


But I’m already good!! I’m in Houston!!!!!





My strength has come back too, and I was able to come to Houston safely with everyone~EmojiEmoji







My first time in America~!
Even now it’s very much a delight!!!!!






Yesterday, we went to an amusement park!Emoji



“The・AmericaEmoji” That’s how the amusement park felt!!
I tried to be cool about itEmojiEmoji lol





After huh after huh!!
At the hotel Nonaka-chan and I were in the same room but…




Nonaka-chan has lived in America so she already knows all kinds of things!






It’s really a reliefEmojiEmoji







Watching TV, speaking English alone so fluently (lol)


Explaining things alone (lol)



Nonaka-chan super excitedEmojiEmoji








Akane is also surprisingly excitedcited (lol)







Wearing the hat from Ikuta-sanEmoji












Houston and Japan have all kinds of differences it’s really interesting EmojiEmoji






Traffic lights and stuff, the signs are really cool!!







Things written in English…
the flashy things like you’d see in dramas and stuff sometimes!!!(lol)





I’m impressed EmojiEmoji







Well well
Around here… it’s Oyanechin [tl note: Oyasumi/Good Night + Akanechin](-_-) zzz





Trying to be cool Ver.(*`ω´*)ドヤッ(*`ω´*)ドヤッ


EmojiHaga AkaneEmoji









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Made a Friend in America @NonakaMiki

2016-02-27 04:05:20
Theme:Nonaka Miki


It’s Nonaka MikiEmojiEmoji


I made a firend in AmericaEmoji








It’s Saboten Saboーi [Cactus Cact-boy]EmojiEmoji
I took name suggestions from all the members
and decided on thatEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Yesterday? For Japan the day before yesterday? With Saboーi and everyone we went here EmojiAn amusement park!



It’s reaーーーlly nostalgic EmojiEmoji When I was small I’d go to these kinds of places with my friends a lotEmoji Traveling amusement parks, we went a lotEmojiWahhuー


I rode things screaming in a way it feels like you could only do in America EmojiEmoji The semi-circle canal can somehow make you feel weird and get motion sick but I’ve never had that happen in my lifeEmoji Not getting sick from that is my pride!


But I reaーlly screamedEmoji








It felt like I went back to when I was little Emoji
Soooooo colorfulEmoji 


Deja vu?! It has my head mixed up a littleEmojiEmoji


It’s like I’m in a dreamEmoji
I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in America~EmojiEmoji


Talking with the local people I met while we were moving around EmojiEmojithey went “Yeahー!” and we high five’dEmoji




I’m taking in each and every moment of joy
Well then see you tomorrowEmojiEmojiEmoji










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Quality! Kudou Haruka

2016-02-26 22:28:08
Theme:Kudou Haruka






Posting from Houston ( ^ω^ )




Today we did the Opening Ceremonies and the Q&A Convention!


I reall~y felt the love from everyone overseas, it made me really really happy, it was fun, a delight.
Arigatou Gozaimasu!!Thank you!







Yesterday I rode these kinds of attractions




It was so scary it’s like the scary parts would just disappear.



Well, tomorrow is the live!
I’m looking forward to it~





Kansha, Kangeki, Kuduー?Kanduー!
[tl note: Kudou wordplay: Thanks, Impressed, Kudouー? Excitedー!]



「Kyou no Duー Demo Ii Koto」 [tl: Today’s Du- Whatever]
Big sis Haruna came!!



Kudou Haruka



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I worried you (T_T) Iikubo Haruna

2016-02-26 13:04:15
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






I caused you troubles and worries (T_T)



Iikubo Haruna, has recovered from influenza!!









Unbelievably… me, who’s strong body is her redeeming feature…



got influenza (T_T)!




I couldn’t participate in the various meets, on my futon I was really really frustrated.



For 1 week I couldn’t update my blog or WEAR so, every day what I wanted to write would increase, it’s irritating…



It was really frustrating but, every day on m blog・WEAR everyone gave me such warm comments so it made me very happy and was encouraging おねがい



There was lots of call and things from the members too (T_T)ピンクハート





Already it being 1 week I don’t know what I wanted to write anymore you know




I couldn’t write about the Hello!Con Finale


I couldn’t do an announcement blog for London Hearts


What’s happening with Houston?





Ah! For Houston I got to go 1 day later than the other members (T_T) キラキラ I’m really glad I get to participate in the event! Because it’s Anime Matsuri!




I ended up absent for 1 week too so, I couldn’t even do a joke about anything, thinking about it…




There wasn’t good news but I’ve got a sad joke!












front teeth…




my front teeth that are a bit of a show off…





They end up standing out more than before influenza ((((;゚Д゚)))))))











Yup, I’m saying it plainly, my front teeth pop out!







Why, it’s so frustrating I wonder if I’ve been clenching my teeth while sleeping…




Mmm, that’s it for sure.






I didn’t know if I could go to Houston or not too so, maybe I was thinking about souvenirs for Sanma-san and Shoーji-san too!




Getting influenza, I was like Sanma-san イヒ





And that more and more’s gotten harder to smile.





But I’m an Idol so!



Even if I’m lamenting it it can’t be helped!





And so I’ll do my best with my smile!!











Houston, I’m looking forward to it you know!!









Fashion Coordinate App


キラキラWEAR キラキラ














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Nostalgic…. @NonakaMiki

2016-02-26 19:02:21
Theme:Nonaka Miki




It’s Nonaka Miki!






This here is




For the first time for me in 5,6 years? AmericaEmoji
Italked a loーt with the local people hereeeeEmoji Hehehe!




Taking in the air it’s AmericaEmoji I felt the American atmosphere for the first time in awhile, it moved meEmojiEmoji



It’s not that the real feeling is still really excitingEmoji though… the nostalgic memories came Buwaaa~ coming back to me you knowEmoji



Tomorrow is the signing meet upEmoji
I’m use to talking in English so I want to do the signing meet up soon EmojiEmoji









A Jet-lagged Haruna-chan sneaked picture Emoji Hehhehhe
I took it while saying “Cute~Emoji” with Oda-san (lol)Emoji


Today I got to see various people’s sleeping facesEmoji Nihihi




Well then!
see you








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『GuruGuru Kyaー♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-02-26 12:43:33
Theme:Makino Maria
[tl note: Entries are dated based on Japan publishing time seemingly delayed to match when they posted it in Houston]


Everyone how are you?



Houston’s 1st Day
During the afternoon, we played in a parkEmojiEmoji


Ikuta Erina-sanEmoji
Suzuki Kanon-sanEmoji
Oda Sakura-sanEmoji
Nonaka Miki-chanEmoji we went for a walkEmoji


Going for a walk, there was this really really fun looking parkEmoji


“Waa! It’s a cradle!!”
Maria went running! I jumped onto the cradle Emoji


Running spinning the cradle,
Suzuki-san spun it for me・・・.



GuruGuru round and roundー


With the centrifugal force, being in the cradle I ended up not being able to stand upEmoji





It was really funEmoji




We went to an amusement park in the afternoon too Emoji


It was a really really fun day Emoji



Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji



音譜Makino Maria音譜




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I’ve Arrived☆! Ogata Haruna

2016-02-26 20:30:27
Theme:Ogata Haruna
[tl note: Entries are dated based on Japan publishing time seemingly delayed to match when they posted it in Houston]






Konban Haーchin!Emoji
HELLO( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





Without a problem, we’ve arrived in Houston (●´▽`●)


A blog update from AmericaEmoji




The time difference from Japan is, 15 hoursEmoji
I’m not use to my first time change, since coming here I’ve been consーtantly falling asleep and waking up(lol)





But I can’t be spaced outEmoji



Going towards the events,
I need to check and sorting my luggage properly, sleeping reliably, and prepare for tomorrowー! Preparation nightー!




For Houston it’s just became nightEmoji


In Japan, what time is ー??




The day was really long, it feels weird~~Emoji



Meals too, in 1 day I’m eating like 5 times!!?!





For America my first meal was,


all-you-can-eat style lunch Emoji



Bagles, chicken, bean soup, it was all yummyEmoji




There’s things I’ve eaten in Japan so,
there’s all sorts of mysterious foods I’m seeing for the first timeEmoji




Nonaka-shi next to me saying things like, “Such a nostalgic tasteー!!” was cool…Emoji




Haruna when she gets back to Japan, should eat fried eggs and say “Such a nostalgic tasteー!!” too (lol)




That’s all!!





☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆


On the bus I slept quite a bit so my eyes are wide open!!


I wonder if I can sleep tonight?? lol
Who could be in the room with me?♪♪



The two of us together is a danger for sleeping in late! It’s that girl Emoji



I hope we can wake up☆☆





゚ .゚вуe вуe゚ .゚






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America! Kudou Haruka

2016-02-25 21:54:27
Theme:Kudou Haruka
[tl note: Time codes seem to be aligned with Houston time]







Currently, I’ve come to Houston!



here it’s about 10 at night☆







The in-flight meal! lol



Starting off I’ve offered a picture.



And, when all is said and done I had ended up forgetting something big.




With my birthday, Christmas, and some of my allowance money I got pulled in advance I bought an SLR camera, that I ended up forgetting (°_°)(°_°)(°_°)(°_°)(°_°)








I can’t help being down about it so, I want to take lots of pictures using my iPhone.






Today we went sight seeing on American feeling amusement parks and various places, and went shopping!




I’ll do my best with the events starting tomorrow ( ^ω^ )






Kansha, Kangeki, Kuduー? Kanduー!
[tl note: Kudou wordplay: Thanks, Impressed, Kudouー? Excitedー!]




「Kyou no Duー Demo Ii Koto」[tl: Kudu Wordplay: Today’s Du- Whatever]
I’m full! I ate too much~




Kudou Haruka




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