It’s Iikubo Harumi But…? Iikubo Haruna

2016-05-29 21:46:40
Theme:Satou Masaki


It’s Maーchanデス




Today I think?


Yesterday I think??


Harunan’s phone has died



She can’t put up Wear



And she can’t put up a blog either







Maーchan and Harunan


For coming today really


we tHank you so much*\(^o^)/*










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Cut❤️ Satou Masaki-chan

2016-03-02 23:22:42
Theme:Satou Masaki


IT’S Maーchanニコニコ




All rightルンルン













Huge HugeEmojiEmoji


















[tl pic: Right side from the front Harunan Ma-chan Kudu-/Left side from the front Nonaka-shi, Marian, Ogatan]





It was really yummy IT WASEmoji



After this for sureEmojiEmojiEmoji





was really very yummy, IT WASEmoji



I forgot to take a picture of itEmoji



That’s alーlEmojiEmoji




Maーchann you knowEmoji




When in HouーーーstoーーーnEmojiEmojiEmoji



In the morning she ate a poison appleEmojiEmojiEmoji











It’s a green apple heheEmoji



That’s ittttEmojiEmojiEmoji










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Thank you❤️ Satou Masaki-chan

2016-03-01 16:13:58
Theme:Satou Masaki


It’s MaーchanEmoji




It’s Today’s CharactersEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Emerald Green 10ki Member
Satou Masaki, Maーchan


Orange 10ki Member
Kudou Haruka, Kuduー


The Angel Face in Morning Musume’16
The girl who has hehe the most confidence in her own face
with maybe a weak mentality?
But the narcissist-chan




Lavender color 11ki Member
Oda Sakura, Odango. Odasaku


Morning Musume’16‘s songstress
who’s very good at make-up
and after that veーーry good at taking selfies
For sure, look at Oda Sakura-chan‘s
blog please








Fun… hehe






It was funーーーーーーEmojiEmojiEmoji




First offfEmoji


Getting to meet everyoneEmojiEmojiEmoji




It made me veーーーry happy, IT DIDEmoji


You know?Emoji








Those who came to see the LIVE tooハート



Thank you so very much爆笑



Maーchan, totaーーーllyウインク


Thanks you so muchゲラゲラチョキ



That’s how I feltにひひパー





When it comes to being able to come to Houston, I was veryラブパー




You know?




Those of you overseasキラキラ



When we metルンルン






It’s you know~ラブラブ



well this and that you know~ラブラブ







there were lots of you who said thatEmoji

















Maーchanwas VERY MUCHEmojiEmojiEmoji


happy andEmojiEmoji


At the same time I couldn’t hide my surpriseEmoji





You know about itーーEmojiEmojiEmoji


that isEmoji



Though we were being secretiveEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


From the leftOdango and Maーchan, THAT’S USEmoji






From here tooEmoji


I’ll do my bestEmojiEmoji




For these 3 Days, thank you so muchEmojiEmojiEmoji



From the left 
Kuduー, Maーchan, and Odango THAT’S USEmoji




Kuduー is snoozing huhEmojiEmoji


yes she isssEmojiEmoji




Why did she end up sleeping~…ムカムカEmoji


But that’sーーjustーーfineEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji






At the timeEmoji


MaーSaku took snapshotsEmojiEmoji








From tomorrowEmojiEmojiEmoji


The pictures I took in Houston and stuff
I’ll be putting them up when I put up a blog



I’ll do my bestEmoji











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MINISHIGE-SAーーーN♥ Satou Masaki-chan

2015-07-14 22:35:05
Theme:Satou Masaki
[tl note; please forgive me as I try to type equivalently as hyper and childish as Ma-chan does]









It passed by just a littleEmoji









Yesterday wasEmoji































Maーchan properlyEmoji




sent it to her at 0:00~Emoji





Who was 1st huh…EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji






DokyoDokyo heart-poundin’










MINISHIGE-SAN graduatedEmoji










into Morning Musume。’15EmojiEmoji




It feels like her spirits thereEmoji





Doesn’t it feel like thatはてなマークはてなマークはてなマーク





That’s probably why, at concerts and stuffドキドキ




even though we wear MINISHIGE-SAN TshirtsEmoji





It’s doesn’t seem weirdEmojiEmoji







More than thatMINISHIGE-SANEmoji




with Maーchan and everyoneEmoji




she’s toーーーーーtallyEmoji
checking up on usEmojiEmoji








The other day, I saw the TereTou Ongakusai!!!!✨



and likeEmoji



it was late buttt~
I saw the Suiyounayousai (^_-)-☆







Congratulations on your Budokan performance♥✨


Do your best kay?!


Take care( *´艸`)♥♥









More than that, there’s much muーーch more




She’s really watchingEmoji



and we had even more funny storiesEmoji





And so yo uknow~ her spirit is hereEmoji







Maーchan will do her best even more~EmojiEmojiEmoji






All of you fans please watch kayはてなマークはてなマーク




















I LOーーーーVE YOUEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji















This annouーncement





The other day I announced
au headline’s
「Aidoru Mou Iccho [tl: Idols Once More]」 from today
has started distribution so,
Please look at it.










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