It’s Iikubo Harumi But…? Iikubo Haruna

2016-05-29 21:46:40
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It’s Maーchanデス




Today I think?


Yesterday I think??


Harunan’s phone has died



She can’t put up Wear



And she can’t put up a blog either







Maーchan and Harunan


For coming today really


we tHank you so much*\(^o^)/*










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2 thoughts on “It’s Iikubo Harumi But…? Iikubo Haruna

  1. Hahaha Love their photo! so cute! Maachan so kind to public this for Honey.

    By the way…I think Rinapu wrote something about Michishige-san in her blog!

    • Thanks Angie! Angerme blogs are honestly a blindspot of mine, so it’s nice that someone told me ^^; Also it’s cute to hear she still doing kinda stalking the girls she likes lol.

      The Harunan-Ma-chan relation is I think one of the funniest in potentai, and they can be quite adorable together.

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