Kamei Eri

Yes, here she is
Kamei Eri








Ah speaking of sweet
That is the title of Kamei Eri’s solo photobook that came out on Feb. 25th


it’s not this kind of loose Eri
you’ll be able to see a sexy Eri (≧∇≦)

Just about perfect

I’m in a make-up meeting after rehearsals ☆


My cuteness is just about perfect now (lol) ☆


It’s only natural that
I’d take it this far (^_-)


All that’s left is to do my hair ~↑


Also today,
I’m told my eyelashes are
really standing up ↑↑↑↑
more than usual V(^-^)V


I think my eyelashes are excited too!


But, this pic..
when I was taking a pic of myself as usual,
I was talking to Gaki-san
but focused on taking a pic of myself at the same time
and my words got all jumbled up
Eri was like “You sound like a drunk person!”


Yes, that’s right
I’m a drunk


I’m drunk on myself… (lol)

Graduating from no make up

I have make up on now (^_-)


And while putting on make up


I gradually


become cuter and cuter ☆☆


I wonder if I’ve reached another side of cuteness today! (≧∇≦)


And when I say another side, I mean an unbelievable level of cuteness (≧∇≦)


Cuz I mean I’m suuuper cute today!!


…sorry m(_ _)m


I’ll stop with the makeup for now


and I’m off to rehearsal ♪


The “other” raw face
that I woke up with
has gone away! ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


for the most part, I’ve returned back to this face ↑


So now
I’ve gone back to a face that I can show you guys (lol) (^o^)/


I say that, but maybe it’s just to divert your attention
and this is all just a deception (・_・)..?


Being a girl is haaard


You’re always trying hard to make everyone think you’re cute ♪♪

No make up

Good morning!


Today we’ve got an early Morning Musume event ♪


This pic
is from yesterday just as I came out of the bath m(_ _)m


Last night and this morning…


I haven’t put on make up or anything yet,
so it’s the same raw face


I showed you my natural face from last night
but I won’t be showing you my face this morning (lol)


In regards to the natural look,
there’s a difference between
natural that’s presentable
and natural that isn’t…


Up til now I’ve uploaded a lot of raw pics ☆
And there have been a lot of comments of
“You look so cute with the natural look” (^_^)v


But that’s only because
I uploaded the natural pics that are presentable! (lol)


The raw pics that I upload of myself
may not be a completely natural look
My raw self
may be deeper than you guys actually think


Because there is also
another side to my natural look


If you see everything, it may seem like a transformation
I have a completely different look!


That other side seems to come and go as it pleases though


Whenever people stop by for an unexpected visit and I’m on that other side,
I don’t want anyone to see that side of me (lol)


So I make sure to properly turn away so they can’t see!


Well now…
Should I take a pic of my swollen face after a massage.. (lol)


Mail from when I was over seas

Well, I was overseas until yesterday


and over there, my cell phone was out of range,
so I couldn’t use it


I was very much looking forward to going back to Japan..


“Check for new messages”


I was hoping for like 20 messages
But honestly


I was expecting maybe like 10 messages
But in reality



I got 2……………



I was expecting a ton of messages
so I figured the checking process would take a long time
But in 1 blink (T_T)/~




One was from my mom
A mail that said take care ♪


And the other was from leader Takahashi Ai-chan
that said be careful and come back safely ♪♪


I can really feel
my mom’s love
and my leader’s love


Thank you (;_;)

One piece

Takahashi Ai-chan, the leader of Morning Musume
and who I love very much, just gave me this ♪


You know,
before I joined Morning Musume, I was an Ai-chan fan!


And now getting a present from that very Ai-chan!


Of course I’m soooo happy (o‘∀‘o)


This is what that cute Ai-chan said when she gave this to me


“This doesn’t really look good on me, I think it’d look better if you wore it”


Don’t be absurd!!!!!
There is nothing in this world that doesn’t look good on Ai-chan!


She can wear anything ♪(‘∀’●)


But ok, everyone listen up


So Ai-chan said
that it fits me better than herself
when she gave it to me right?


That’s not something I can be happy about!


I mean, I very much appreciate it Ai-chan
and yeah, this one piece will definitely look good on me (●^ー^●)


But, what if it doesn’t, then it would offend Ai-chan


Ahhh the pressure is building up…


I haven’t tried it on yet, but when I do
whether it looks good on me or not, I’ll upload a pic!


But I”m about 90% sure that it’s gonna look good (lol)


Could it be possible, that it may actually look better on me than Ai-chan (^m^)


Well if so, that can’t be helped ♪


I mean Ai-chan said so herself
If it happens to look good on me
All you Ai-chan fans be sure to thank her ok!


Look forward to me wearing it ☆

Chocolate ★★

I love chocolates ★♪


My mom loves chocolates too,
so we buy chocolates very often


And if there are chocolates around
even if it’s midnight, or even if I’m full
I’ll just go ahead and eat chocolates carefree


So my mom started thinking about that
and so for the chocolate at midnight
she goes to buy ones with a lot of alcohol in them,
which I really hate


By doing so though, I end up not eating them


But lately, I’ve started to get used to the taste of alcohol a lot better
so I can kind of taste the goodness in those alcoholic chocolates


So with that,
I’ll go ahead and enjoy some of that goodness at this hour (≧∇≦)



Mom here.
Before I knew it, my daughter has turned into an adult (lol)


I’ve put together an outfit!



I looked in the mirror and
I think somehow I look better in it today than usual ♪
I’m pretty giddy right now


But the mirror makes me look more calm
and more skinny than reality…


Ahh I thought the mirror was my close friend
but it tricked me…


I’m still naive I guess


You learn something new every day in life!

Cured of being tone deaf

I just finished my radio show!!
It was MBS Youngtown Doyoubi


Today Akashiya Sanma-san again made me laugh so much (≧∇≦)


Sanma-san’s play is starting soon so I’m looking forward to seeing it ↑↑


Today, Sanma-san was like
“Michishige, this is your 8th year in Morning Musume
and yet you’re still tone deaf”


Well kind of \(☆o☆)/


But Sanma-san
I’ve been cured of that!


“Your tone deafness is cured”
is what they told me in my 8th year
and I believe it
So now, my tone deaf is being cured
I’ll also need to put in a lot of effort
and from here on out, be sure to get lots of treatment for it!!


So that some day
I can be the singing center in Morning Musume


I know I know
That’s not gonna happen..
But it’s been my dream since I’ve entered Morning Musume
I mean,
big dreams are good ya (^_-)↑


Well, I’m off to fix up an outfit ~♪♪


I’m on the move with Ai-chan right now (*^o^*)

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