Another small break ♪

Continuing along with these two 8th gen members ♪♪
First off Mittsi-with-her-signature-smile Mitsui Aika ♪


Mittsi is Morning Musume’s youngest member
but she is such a responsible girl (b^ー°)


But really, she’s at the age where she wants attention
so if you pick up on that, she’ll really become attached to you (ノ><)ノ


She’s so cute huh (≧∇≦)


She loves animals and is raising a puppy,
sometimes she shows me pics, sooooo cute!
It makes me think “she is such a loving person”
You can really feel her love in those pics ♪


And in the second pic, it’s Junjun ♪
I wonder if Junjun likes animals too?
We had a chat about my bunny thing once
She was like “Are you going for a weird character?”
to which I responded with a weird smile


That girl is going for the mysterious character appeal


Anyway, back to the photo shoot with no more breaks ↑

Food muah!

Gaki-san aka Niigaki Risa-san and “Otsukareina” greeting Tanaka Reina-chan
are also eating →→→→↑↑↑↑


Today Reina is going nuts… (lol)
she is responding with
rejecting everything
not really open to anything at the moment


but that’s fine because
she can have a good time better than anyone
her smile is absolutely sparkling ☆


I guess she’s just a tsundere at heart huh ( ̄∀ ̄)


Well, it’s almost time to get back to the photoshoot!
I’ll upload pics of the other members later ♪


I’m off (^з^)-☆ muah!!

Grabbing a bite →

Right now we’re inbetween photo shoots ♪


We’re all grabbing a bite ―(⌒~⌒)


And here we have leader Takahashi Ai-chan ♪
and Chinese exchange student Linlin ♪


Ai-chan and Linlin are always listening to music together,
sharing 1 set of headphones


A little earlier, Ai-chan, Linlin and I were all together
and Ai-chan and Linlin were sharing a headphone set
like usual and being very lively


So I was like
“Hey hey, um so…”
as I was talking to them,
but they had their headphones on so they didn’t hear me at all
so then I was like “I know, right?”


and I switched to a monologue (lol)


Nicely done if I do say so ☆
myself ★★☆☆

Make up ♪

Technical magic my compact ♪


Technical magic my compact ♪


Make me cute ♪☆


Make-up power-up ♪♪
*this is a parody of a magic spell from Himitsu no Akko-chan anime/manga


Done (≧∇≦)
In the blink of an eye, I’ve turned super cute ♪


Ok well…
more like, it took 1 hour for the make-up artist to make me cute


There’s no secret magic here


Just the skills of my make-up artist


And of course, my own looks (lol)

Dreams ☆

Good morning ♪


Michishige Sayumi here, things are going great ↑
I had another 3 rice balls for breakfast today (^o^)/


I reaaally slept in today!
I had a dream too


I dreamt I was in my personal bathroom in my own room…
(I don’t have my own room nor a personal bathroom) lol


There, Morning Musume 6th gen members ☆ Kamei Eri-chan
and Tanaka Reina-chan were there


For some reason they were there…
and they were talking about me


At this point during my dream, I was feeling very alarmed


I mean, what if they were saying bad things about me!?


But as it turns out, they were saying…


compliments about me ↑


In the end, they turned out to be so adorable (*^o^*)


I wanna quickly meet up with them


All of us will be together starting around noon today ♪
I’ll probably be the only ones acting weird in front of Eri and Reina.. (lol)

Sweets ♪

I just ate ♪


My friend is the same age and we are reallllly close V(^-^)V


She’s very cute ♪


I very much admire her ♪


I really love cute girls, and originally she was my sister’s friend
but I wanted to talk to her, so I was like “please!”
and then we became really good friends ♪♪


We had a really good… hmm what society calls “girl talk” (≧∇≦)


And our meal, of course, was hot pot ★☆
We had kimchi hot pot ☆


My friend has long hair and because of that, a little bit of it
dipped into the hot pot, she was like “Ahh it smells!” the entire time
It was hilarious! (^O^)


Then after, we met up with my sister for dessert (・o・)ノ


We had chocolate for dessert, it was so delicious and sweet ♪
And my sister was thinking how fitting to have such a sweet day today ♪


A fitting Valentine’s day full of sweets ♪♪♪♪


Although I wish my sis would eat sweets in moderation more (lol)


Well, I’ll let her slide since I have the biggest sweet tooth (≧ε≦)

Shopping ♪

After my dentist appointment, I have plans to go out
to dinner with a friend (^O^)


But since the dentist finished early, I had time
to go out shopping by myself ♪


I was looking for sale items (lol)


The shop clerks were like
“Well these are our newest items here~”
but I’m only looking at those o-ver-th-er-e ♪


I ended up buying
2 1-piece dresses ☆
1 long sleeve shirt ☆
a pouch ☆
All on sale (lol)
Cheap items are so wonderful (≧∇≦)


Also, Linlin’s birthday is coming up in March,
so I bought her a good birthday present ↑


And just as you would expect, the present was on sale (lol)


I liked what I got her as well,
so I picked up a different color matching set (^∀^)ノ♪☆


Also these were 100 yen each,
so I picked up 3 sets of socks and nail polish (^_^)v


I’m quite satisfied (≧∇≦)


It was fun o(^-^)o


Also also
I found out from reading the comments,
yesterday I ranked 18th on the CDTV “Artist I want to date” ranking!


I’ve pretty much never been on a good ranking like this before,
so I am really happy (≧∇≦)


Thank you very much ♪☆★

Praise me ♪

After reading the comments, most of you guys guessed right (^_^)v


I’m baaack! I just came back from the dentist ☆


I’m so relieved that it’s over! I can relax! I’m free!
I feel like I can fly ~(≧∇≦)


I was super nervous before going though


At the station, I wanted to ask the attendant
“Where is the east entrance?”


But I was shaking so much from the fear…!?
that I said “Entrance where is the east?”




Sounded like some weird new dish on a restaurant menu


I think the dentist may be the last place on Earth that I want to go to (>_<)


Yet, they have helped me so often, ever since I was a little kid


Apparently, I get cavities easily (;_;)
I guess bugs can easily get into my teeth…


which is what I let slip out at work recently
But then I was told that cavities aren’t formed
from bugs going into your teeth


Cavities are actually formed from bacteria!!


I was so sure that bugs somehow caused cavities…


Thinking about that now, it’s so embarrassing (>_<)


But yeah, there’s another reason why I dislike dentists so much…


Since around kindergarten times, I’ve always been scared of dentists
Anything related to dentists, I would start crying (/_;)


And not like sobbing kinda crying, I mean like loud WAHHHHHH WAHHHHHH


I don’t really remember it too well myself, but I’m pretty sure I made a big fuss every time


And then, the dentists put this towel over your arms and legs,
and you’re not supposed to move after that p(´⌒`q)


And I knew I wasn’t supposed to be fussy…


But what scared me more than the actual pain from the treatment
was the idea of not being able to move (∋_∈)


I was slightly traumatized (;_;)


Although now, contrary to earlier, I am scared of moving too much
so I make myself stay very still…
I’ve become very patient (lol)


It seems like I hate taking away my own freedom (lol)


Anyway, I feel a lot better now ♪
Like I can skip around ↑


Seriously ↑


Run ♪

How to live life, ways of life

Today I didn’t meet up with the Morning Musume girls,
actually the girls came over to my house yesterday
to drop off Valentine’s candy ♪


Everyone’s candies are so cute (≧∇≦)


I got hand-made ones from lead Takahashi Ai-chan
and 8th gen member Mittsi – Mitsui Aika-chan ♪♪
Mittsi made me some hand-made rusk*!
* a hard, dry biscuit
Rusk is delici-usk…♪ hehe m(_ _)m


And for leader Ai-chan!!
Her’s is the 2nd pic, what do you think it is?


And no, it’s not inori* (lol)
* Sweet wrap rice roll


It’s like some kind of sweet potato pastry (◎o◎)


Um.. Ai-chan! This…
can stand up on my hand… (lol)


Excellent pose ↑ (lol)


It’s got like a “My aren’t you something” disposition


Compared to normal sweets, it’s cuter but like in a more modest way


Although the pastry can’t stand up reliably (≧∇≦)


But even a pastry can lose sight of it’s true self


durability, durability (lol)
elegance, elegance (lol)


As for me, I’m the same way, always expecting to fall, even for things that aren’t scary


But I have learned how to live from Ai-chan’s pastry


I have also discovered the goal of Ai-chan’s pastry in life


And now for the flavor…


It’s go..good!


It’s pretty amazing that it tastes so good even though it looks like this ♪


Actually, what I said about the looks of Ai-chan’s pastry was kinda mean (>_<)


But um… honestly, it does look pretty bad


But it was delicious so I ate it all (⌒~⌒)♪♪


With such an amazing pastry, of course I have to savor it ↑


Ai-chan is truly something else ♪


I’ve discovered yet another charm point of hers (≧ε≦)
Kyuuuun (*^o^*)


Anyway, as for now ☆
I am heading out to a place where everyone hates!
Where do you think it is?
I’ll give you a hint…
that (;_;)


Ahh how unpleasant ↓
I’m so nervous ↓↓


I’m going to fall like the pastry Ai-chan gave me (≧ヘ≦)


Be sure to compliment me if I make it back in one piece (>_<)


Here I go…

Bloody Monday

Hey hey, it’s already over but…
Did you see yesterday’s Bloody Monday?


I just loooooooove the Bloody Monday drama!!!!
I’ve been a big fan since season 1…
Last year, they said that season 2 would start on January 23rd


I’m so glad to be alive———–!


…is what I thought!!
At that time though, I was a little down…
But there was something to live for!
So, Blood Monday gave me a reason to keep on going
And so, waiting for that January 23rd…


The long awaited episode 1…


Everything was better than I expected ”(ノ><)ノ They did everything exactly the opposite of what I predicted (lol) As the whole thing was building up, my heart was beating so fast the entire time (≧∇≦)! And, I ended up crying out loud by myself at midnight while watching episode 1 (ノ△T)。 Anyway, this drama is amazing I'm completely hooked


Also, the content matter of the show is difficult at times
So I’m always like “Hey, so what happened just now?”
to my mom who’s right next to me… (lol)


Whenever there’s something I don’t understand or some difficult parts to follow
I pause, think about it, rewind, and then listen again really carefully


That is how super focused I am


So that’s why, for me… a 1 hour drama takes me 1 hour 15 minutes to watch!!


And yesterday’s…
episode 4…


Well there may be people who haven’t seen it yet,
so I won’t give out any spoilers


But it was nuts


Saturday’s are the highlights of my week because I watch Bloody Monday (lol)


Bloody Monday is so intense!!!!!!!!!!!

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