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Are you having fun this summer vacation??
I think some of you are sticking to your work…f(^ー^;
For me, I get the summer feeling just by soaking up the sunshine☆★
But lately, it has been raining continuously (sweat)
Going outside, it still feels like it’s easy to get tanned, so unpleasant ( ̄^ ̄)
Well, I’m quite fond of rainy days you know…(^^;)
But, on cloudy days, I heard the UV rays can still get through, so please be careful!!!!

The LAST show for the Hello! Project summer concert was on the 9th (T-T)
It was the best concert ever♪♪
Thank you very much☆Hello! Project concerts allow us to meet with fans of different groups, it was so much fun!!!!!! But when I thought I saw my color’s T-shirt!!, it turns out those were Mai’s fans…(LOL) Too bad, but Mai is so cute (*^^*)♪
It can’t be helped I guess☆☆
I’ll do my best not to lose (^_^)v
Since we both share the same color (*^o^)/\(^-^*)
(Sorry the costume and accessories made it so confusing(・・;))

Recently, there was a big fireworks festival in Shiga♪
I couldn’t go myself, so my friends sent me pictures of it (^^)
Feels like summer☆

Even thought more hot days are coming, I hope you will feel more relieved after reading this Pastel Color Days (^∀^)>

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  1. Aww,:P I love Aika and Mai’s friendship ^^ even in their with their same colors. >_< What the? Her friends took a picture of the fireworks for her but Up-Front still watermarked it? o.0

    Thanks for another entry translated! Looking forward to more. ^^

  2. Yay!! A long entry! :D I’m happy that Aika takes the time to write what she thinks, unlike the other members where they usually just have a few sentences XD

    It’s great that her and Mai are friends! Mai is one of my fave c-ute members ^_^ But don’t worry mittsi I still like you :3 and Awww~ Aika is so cute worrying about us and telling us to put on sunscreen. I just wanna give her a good pat on the head. She’s such a good kid ^o^

  3. It is a summer indeed. It’s just too hot.
    Maybe her friend is an Up-Front staff, lol..
    and, yes i’ll be careful Aika-chan.. ^^

    Thanks for the translation

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