Just about perfect

I’m in a make-up meeting after rehearsals ☆


My cuteness is just about perfect now (lol) ☆


It’s only natural that
I’d take it this far (^_-)


All that’s left is to do my hair ~↑


Also today,
I’m told my eyelashes are
really standing up ↑↑↑↑
more than usual V(^-^)V


I think my eyelashes are excited too!


But, this pic..
when I was taking a pic of myself as usual,
I was talking to Gaki-san
but focused on taking a pic of myself at the same time
and my words got all jumbled up
Eri was like “You sound like a drunk person!”


Yes, that’s right
I’m a drunk


I’m drunk on myself… (lol)

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