Tanaka Reina

This is Tanaka Reina-chan writing something while listening to music


I just took pic on my own (without asking her) (^-^)V


Cuz I mean, she’s listening to music
If I started talking to her
she’d be like “Not right now!”
and get angry (;_;)


And that’d be a scary sight (∋_∈)


That’s why she isn’t even looking ↓


But, leaving it like that would be lonely
don’t you guys wanna see Reina’s face?


That’s why I tried really hard (lol)
I tried as hard as I could to talk to her (^o^)/♪


And then, she happily did a pose for me V(^-^)V


Geez Reina-chan


You’re a good girl after all ♪♪♪♪


Well, I already knew that of course (≧∇≦)

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