Morning Musume

Introducing everyone one by one is important but


to end things, I’ll introduce Morning Musume as a whole ♪


I mean
we are Morning Musume after all!


When the 8 of us gather together…
we become the group known as Morning Musume!!


It is not something a single person can do


And, if there is any one person missing, it is no longer Morning Musume


It is only when everyone is there that it is Morning Musume
There is a big significance to when there are 8 of us together
I love Morning Musume
and I love the 8 of us in Morning Musume


We’ve had events in Nagoya, Osaka, and now heading to Tokyo today
There is only 1 left


Morning Musume’s sole fan club event


It’s because of you fans that we exist
No matter how much I love Morning Musume
if there were no fans
then Morning Musume would not be possible


Every single one of the 8 members of Morning Musume and
every single fan out there are all important


I love you all!!


Please look forward to the 3rd event (*^o^*)

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