Keeping Myself Awake…




While I’m memorizing the song, of course I’m blogging…♪♪♪♪



When I came home I slept immediately so I haven’t gone to take a bath yet either…


When I’ve memorized the song to some extent, I’ll go take a bath☆↑♪



Is everyone already asleep?



Sayumi, lately, is so sleepy, she’s pinched herself all over, has gotten bruises all over(lol)(lol)(lol)


Can’t you laugh about it? (lol)


No, rather, please laugh(lol)


I was relaxing taking a bath,
I’ll comfort my bruised areas (-.-;)



Ah, the bruising I’m talking about are small one’s.


When I’m sleeping and I need to keep myself away, I pinch myself,
Since practice for elementary school graduation, it’s been a habit of mine..(・_・;)



Good kids don’t copy this please, kay?(^_-)


Bad kids…reform(lol)


Well, good kids and bad kids…
Everyone, sleep well, kay.




2010/9/16 01:54

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