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Everyone at the handshake session was like “I read your Pastel Color Days” ☆
and they said so much, it made me so happy ♪
I’m so happy you guys are waiting so eagerly for my updates (^_-)☆

aika blog

This is a pic from the other day, on the 15th, when Takahashi-san and I went to Shiga ☆★
We talked a lot about my Shiga dialect (*^^*)
I was happy that Takahashi-san asked questions about it ッッ(>▽<) Here is a 2-shot of us at that time ☆☆

aika blog

We’re eating takoyaki!!!!!! It’s topped with walleye pollack roe sauce, its soo good (^_^)☆

aika blog

Also, here is DJ Natsu-san who helped us out on the 15th at the Ootsu PARCO “HAPPY MANIA” public live recording ♪
It’d be nice if I could do another event or radio thing at Shiga again ♪
Did you guys have fun?????
I had the most fun ever ッッ(^_^)v

“Hows your health?!” was what a lot of worried fans said, well I’m completely fine (^^)v
Thank you very much ☆★
I’m very much full of energy ッッ(^^)d
Everyone, please be sure to keep your health up too ♪♪

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    The Ais have it! Aichan AND Aika! >___< もうううう~~~ ちょう~かわいい!!!

    I love Aichan asking question and interacting with Aika. Member love! ^^

    My health is just fine Aika! Thanks for asking!

    Thanks for translating 100%!

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  3. AiAika are just plain cute. <3

    The more I read Aika's blog, the faster she's climbing up my favorites' ranking. <3

  4. I want some Ai…
    and please make it Double.. lol…

    Like R/M said i’m so happy seeing those two get along very nice despite their age difference.

    Nice pics from Aika, and thanks for the translation..

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