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A few days ago we had our concert in Yamaguchi prefecture
and Fukuoka prefecture (*> U <*) We had 2 home-comings 2 days in a row (^ω^)♪ I was also able to have a home-coming concert back in Shiga prefecture too Home town concerts really are the best (*^□^*)☆ミ

In Yamaguchi prefecture, Michishige-san’s family brought so many snacks!!!!
Oh wowwww w(°O°)w♪♪
This cream puff was really good ☆

aika blog

In Fukuoka prefecture,
Tanaka-san’s family brought a ton of snacks too (*> U <*)! This tart was so good (m'□'m) it should be against the rules to have it (*^_^*)

aika blog

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  1. I would spoil you with treats every night, sweet pea~~~

    Isn’t it so selfless of her to post about her senpai’s hometown shows and not her own.
    Although I’m disappointed she didn’t. I really need to go to a Shiga concert (*> U <*)

    Pastel Days Event upcoming too!

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