Aika blog “73days”

Sorry for making you guys worry m(_ _)m
The rain is still going on, has that bummed you guys out at all? (;_;)
I’m feeling great though ♪( ´▽`)

I made some chicken katsu ☆☆
Since it’s very important to get proper nutrition (^_−)−☆
Except, I don’t know if this is nutritional or not ( ̄◇ ̄;) lol
As usual I have a pretty good appetite though, so I’ll be eating a lot (^^) !!!

Ahh fried chicken so good ☆彡

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  1. It’s not exactly the rain that has me bummed out….(;_;)
    She doesn’t mention how her foot is doing either…(;_;)
    I’m not sure how I’ll get through this, I hope that she keeps up her blogs this quickly though

  2. NOOOO don’t you downplay this injury!
    Injured and Crying tigers are everywhere in my mind…..(;_;)

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