Outdoor training 2

For our first outdoor training session…

After having lunch, in the afternoon,
we headed to the Shimoyoshida Station Blue Train Terrace

We got to the Shimoyoshida station via the Fuji express line

At this station, old rail cars and passenger bed cars of the Fuji line
are on display to the public

Just like in those days, an original engine is used to supply power to the building…
it gives the station a genuine feel and smell of those times.

On the side, there are silly cherry blossoms blooming,
and when the wind blows, the pedals flutter around everywhere…
it gives the station a very heartwarming feeling

Continuing on…
We went to Yamanakako

Here we got on a bus called the “Yamanakako no kaba”
And as the name implies… there is a picture of a hippo drawn on the bus

This kind of “big impact!” bus
came out of an opening in the trees
and soon ended up right in front of the lake…

and then just like that…

went straight into the lake!!

This bus was actually… amphibious!

Up til now the bus that was just traveling along the land
just casually slipped into the lake.

The moment the bus went into the lake
was so intense, everyone shouted in joy.

When the bus returned back to land,
it was our turn to ride!

The inside looked like this ^^

The seat covers also had hippo prints.
A very grand display.

We also had a bus guide.

The ceiling and windows were covered with a transparent vinyl cover
but even so, it still felt very open.

The windows had these zippers

So many things I saw for the first time ^^

At first we were on land
and it was just a drive through the woods

From the window you could see “Houtou”, “100% hand made soba”
“Ice cream” signs… even though I just ate, they still got my attention ^^

There was a cafe with hammocks
and some mini BBQ area as well.

And then to the famous site in Fuji
Into… Yamanakako ^^

Sorry I don’t have a proper camera lens… >< But here is a view of the scenery from the window Going into the water was so intense though! It felt just like a ride in an amusement park. On the shore of the lake, there were a ton of daffodils.

Being able to enjoy the trees, flowers, lake and nature of Fuji,
with a few thrilling attractions,
and so many delicious local delicacies… ^^

Although part of it was training, I still enjoyed it
it was a very fulfilling day.

But it wasn’t just all about having fun,
I hope to make use of all the things I learned and experienced today!

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