Training Diary 6

Normally I do my training in the announcer department
inside a conference room within the company building

But recently we had outdoor training!

To practice giving a report.



As we went along the street of our company building

“Try giving a report on anything in this area”

is what we did,
so we frantically looked for anything to talk about.

I was reviewing how poorly I was able to describe the things I saw
in the previous outdoor training session
Like how big is this leaf, what shape is it, what color is it.
So I started off by inspecting these plants.

When I looked at it,
there was a stick coming out in between the leaves
with a sign that said “Yuzu (citrus) plant”

Could this be something to talk about?
You can’t really convey smells through a monitor
but if I talked about the Yuzu smell maybe…

So I began reporting

“If you look carefully in the middle, there is a sign with Yuzu written on it.
Now if I take a sniff of it…”

“The yuzu smells like… ”

It didn’t smell like anything

Eh?? ;;

I panicked a little inside. But obviously I wasn’t going to lie about it so
“Well it doesn’t smell like anything…” and I continued on ;;

After I was done I realized
that the Yuzu sign was referring to the tree behind the sign (> <) I was just sniffing leaves of plants in front of it. And of course, those did not have a smell to it. My colleague Ueda...

Even though it was really windy and slightly chilly,
she gave a report on “How pleasant the weather is…”

During that time, our lecturer Announcer Ishida
was constantly making witty retorts at us…

We’re trying to capture the correct information here so,
it’s very important to be careful ;;

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  1. sniffing the leaves…only konkon…maybe kame too..
    damn kon change wardrobe, something more breezy pleaze, those manly suits are unflattering

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