With my senpais…

After training the other day,
we gathered around with our senpais for some ping pong!

As to why we did..

Well the story starts off with me in front of the cafeteria wondering what to do…



The newcomers have to manage the phones during lunch
(although I still haven’t gotten the hang of it…)
so you can either go out and buy something and eat it at your desk
or if you’re in a hurry, just grab something from the cafeteria

The menu for the cafeteria changes daily.

So I was thinking
“If they have soba today, I’m gonna go get some”
so I went to check the menu
when I heard senpai announcer Masuda’s voice behind me

“Hmm there’s a girl staring at the menu”
and when I thought about it, he meant me (lol)

Masuda-san also likes soba
So I said “It looks like there’s no soba on the menu today”
and he said “Well let’s go get some then!”…

So we went back to the announcer department
and with the OK from our chief
he took me to a delicious soba place near the office!

My colleague Ueda and I, along the way, happened to meet up with Aiuchi-san
on the first floor, so with Masuda-san, the 4 of us went.

The soba there was so good!

And also… Masuda-san treated us too.
Thank you so much!

Then, during lunch at the soba place
he was like…
“We’re all doing some ping pong afterwards, come with”

So I did!!

So, I like sports a lot
and aside from the horizontal bar,
other sports don’t really bother me

but ping pong is hard…



This may be obvious but, the ball is so small! (lol)
I mean I’ve only played sports like futsal and dodgeball
where the ball is big you know…?

But having watched the ping pong championship a few days before
and then trying it, it made me again realize how good the players are.

Senpai announcer Saito was apparently in the ping pong club before
and he went all out on his serves.

I mean everything was different, starting with his posture!
He had his knees bent and was leaning forward
And then you look at me, standing straight up…

I wasn’t really good at it, but it’s been a while since I worked out so it was fun!

After working up a sweat in ping pong, we all went out to dinner afterwards.

For dessert, I had chiffon cake which was great ^^

Since my training that day was
using my voice, sweating with some ping pong, and eating good food
I crashed to sleep quicker than normal that night

I hope I can improve in ping pong to the point
where I can match up with everyone in a game

But it seems like I have a long way to go… ^^;

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