Trainer meeting

I highly respect the senpais of my announcer department.

Those senpais,
as a newcomer, I had a lot of things I was unsure about
but a few days ago, I consulted my senpais and was able to figure everything out

TV Tokyo’s announcer department
has a “trainer system” for newcomers

For training, we have a bunch of different senpais take turn giving lectures
but in addition to that, each newcomer is assigned to an announcer senpai as well.

My trainer is Oohashi Miho.

The other day at our “trainer meeting”…
we had the chance to grab a bite together

My colleague Ueda’s trainer was announcer Ooe,
and Ooe-san, Oohashi-san and us two newcomers
went out to have dinner together.

The place Oohashi made a reservation at
an underground family type place, a very relaxing and wonderful restaurant!

It was an organic restaurant so it’s very healthy

Here is a beef stew with veggies that were boiled for about 4-5 hours…

And a potato salad made without mayonnaise

There were so many healthy, yet still delicious items.

Since it’s May, there was a carp banner decoration made out of carrots…
Each item was so intricately made,
yet the menu was very family-style, so the taste was like mmmmm

Coupled with the “family style” atmosphere
Oohashi-san was like “I feel like spreading out a futon here and head off to sleep”

While we were eating, we discussed many things

Thinking about it, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve started training
and I’ve had to memorize a lot of speaking techniques
and find out my weaknesses

Every day I’m finding new things and learning

But there’s more than just noticing them
You have to put some thought into it as well

Since I feel like “I want to improve quickly!”
I was worried since I’m not really able to fix my problems

But when Ooe-san and Oohashi-san
were newcomers, they too had a lot of worries as well
and told me “Even now, there’s still a lot of things I get nervous about”

No matter how much you practice,
when the real thing comes, I guess you still can get nervous
I mean if even the senpais get nervous
then I guess it’s only natural for the newcomers to feel nervous too

As a newcomer, there’s a lot to worry about and be nervous about
So you feel like you have to practice everything over and over
because you have to learn so much

I may have a ton of things to work on
but I’ll be working hard one step at a time!



We covered so many things in our “trainer meeting”

Ooe-san, Oohashi-san,
Thank you so much for giving up your own time to give me this opportunity!

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  1. konkon looks tense like hell, her face tells all
    all pretty much relaxed and casual, only kon wearing the typical newscaster “armour” lol
    the nakazawa like person looks a little like nakazawa, hope she treats her well

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