Training Diary 7

Speaking, script reading, practice reports, and time management…
I’ve been working on a lot of things but,
the other day we had some free talk practice with “Introduce your colleagues”


On this day, announcer Kojima, our guest lecturer
was looking at our company newsletter
(that had introductions to all the new workers)
and called out people at random. The people called out
had to give an introduction about their fellow coworkers


Of course since it was impromptu, I naturally was at a loss for words…
but since I felt it was really important to express myself somehow,
well I’m just really glad my colleagues have such great personalities^^


A few days prior, I met up with my colleagues!
After practice, this year’s newcomers met up with next year’s potential employees
we came together from all our different positions



I was with Orimo-chan who was hard at work with her production ☆
She is an incredibly sharp girl with a great sense of humor
I’d love to work with her together on something one day ^^


But up til now, everyone has been so focused on work
it just seems like time has flown by so quickly.


I need to make the best use of my time left in my announcer training!
I’ll be working hard!

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