Sheep club

Last weekend after our training…
I participated in a “Sheep club” meeting ^^


Now as to what the
“Sheep club” is


Well my fellow coworkers really love Genghis Khan
so basically its a club where we go out and eat delicious genghis khan!! ^^


The people who like genghis khan are
Announcers Saito, Mizuhara, and Hayashi
and two newcomers, Ueda and myself were also invited along


Now I’m from Hokkaido,
so I’m very familiar with genghis khan… and I just love it ^^


The moment you enter the shop, you can see clouds of smoke
so the proper clothes to wear are ones that can be hung out to dry
but although a little of the smell gets into your clothes, it’s all still very delicious ^^


Since everyone recommended this particular genghis khan restaurant…
the meat was of course amazing!!
Even the people who don’t really like genghis khan
don’t really complain about this place, it was so good


As you know I like to eat a lot,
but of course in front of my senpais I had to show some restraint
or so I thought…
My “normal portion” I guess is a lot bigger than most peoples
So even after holding back a little, it may have looked like… I wasn’t holding back at all


Because I mean my chopsticks kept slowly creeping up
towards the delicious genghis khan


Self control. Self control.


We were again nervous to talk to our senpais
but at this kind of place, it was easier to talk informally with them.
Saito-san, Mizuhara-san, Hayashi-san thank you very much!


I only have 1 regret, I didn’t take any pictures…
It’s been about 2 months since I started this blog
and I’m still not used to taking pictures of my every day life


The day after the “Sheep club” meeting, we had outdoor training
which was a certain place related to “horses”… and it was my first time there.


I got some pictures this time ,
so in the next few days, I’ll be writing about that.

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