“Onegai Ranking”


I had a recording for it (*^o^*)


On the corner called Impact English,
Well, it really had an impact (≧∇≦)


I was absolutely laughing~


I thought the breadth of both English and Japanese is really wide, it’s really interesting* \(^ー^)/


As soon as I get confirmation on the on air day I’ll make an announcement♪


Well you know♪
I wore a uniform☆(^_-)☆



School uniforms are still great!( ̄∀ ̄)**


I want to always be able to wear one~(p>∧ 

This time for Onegai Ranking, they got the size of the uniform a little big so,
I ended being able to wear itー! :D
I ended up feeling like that I did (lol)


Aha, it’s fun~~~



2011/6/9 20:47

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