Outdoor training 3

June 4th, good weather.


We went to the race tracks for some outdoor training!
Our leader, as well as the person in charge of the horse racing updates
was announcer Shimada ^^


This was my first time going to the race tracks
I was surprised because it was pretty different from what I had imagined
First off, it’s so huge! And so refreshing!



Everything was green all over, it felt amazing.
Everything was taller, wider, and longer than I imagined.
The studio we went to for the program recording was on the 9th floor.


And also, there were tons of shops and people,
the inside was like… like a shopping mall next to a theme park.
There were also lots of fancy stuff too, I was surprised.


I watched the first race
And in the second race, I tried to cast it…



Ueda is on the left, I’m on the right.
The two of us weren’t used to looking through binoculars.



I tried to keep up with the racing horses
Prior to the race, I had looked at the chart
and memorized the rider colors and the names they matched up with
but even through the binoculars, I couldn’t make out the colors…
The horses all looked the same and I couldn’t really make anything out…
On top of that, the race progressed so quickly…
It was hard to cast!!


The people who report horse racing updates are so incredible!




And since we weren’t used to looking through binoculars,
it made us kind of dizzy…


How do you fix this I wonder.



Here is me closing my eyes and trying to restore my semicircular canals (balance system in your ears)
and then announcer Shimada was behind me and secretly took this picture ^^;


Quite a downer.
…Real time casting announcers are just so amazing! ^^


After that, we went to look around the place!
We put the racing booklet in our back pockets to look like pros ^^



Here is Ueda and Shimada looking like horse racing regulars ^^
I was wearing a skirt so I couldn’t look like a regular ><


We checked out the whole horse race track



First up, the live broadcast studio…
We were studying senpai announcer Suguro
as he was actually casting on the show live



We went inside the race grounds too
We could watch the races close up from here



On our way to the inner part of the grounds
we saw a ton of parents who brought their kids
that was another shocker for me
It wasn’t only just guys, there were girls and families as well


Inside the grounds, there were a ton of flowers blooming, it was so pretty ^^
This kind of thing is probably what makes it easier for girls to come out to the tracks



We didn’t bring our cellphones along
so Shimada-san took a picture for us with his digital camera



Shimada-san said “If you were to look at this picture alone, you couldn’t tell it was the racetracks!”
He’s right… ^^


Also there were a ton of food carts out too,
as well as a playground for little kids, it had everything
Parents can bring their kids to the race tracks and both of them can have a fun day ^^



It was a really fulfilling day, with so much going on,
in my next post, I’ll write up about the second half of this day ^^

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  1. It’s nice to see that she hasn’t forgotten how to pose for a photo. The last one looks realy nice and she even managed to smile. Glad she enjoyed her day at the racetrack

  2. “I couldn’t make out the colors…
    I couldn’t really make anything out…”
    lol if anything kon makes failing fun..and she started out so nice.
    the binoculars pic makes them look like total pervs and the flower pic is corny in a nice way…like something from 1980 lol

    no detailed food description? lol someone must have talked to her about that…although i kinda miss it

  3. “Also there were a ton of food carts out too,”
    I guess that the food from these carts is fairly standard fare so perhaps she wouldn’t get too exited about it. The food descriptions are one of the things that make Konkon’s blog posts interesting so I hope she continues with them.

    It would be good if they could find a Futsal tounament so she could do some commentary, she would have a feel for what was going on and be able to speak with real authority on the games, especialy the goalkeeping.

  4. Why does KonKon seem out of place wherever she goes?

    This has definitely been a huge growth period for her though, watching her new profile video was like watching her transform before my eyes.

    I’m not sure if I want my KonKon to be more formal or robotic

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