Today at Lawson, the employees I was together with all day were…


Berryz Koubou’s ☆ Sugaya Risako-chan*


C-ute’s ト☆ Hagiwara Mai-chan*




These two high schoolers
So younggggg!


The three of us were talking all excited, it was fun <3 ^∇^ <3 The mood was definitely high schooler☆(^_^)v I also still have the spirit of a high schooler with me(^o^)/ (lol) Yayー <3


I talk with Risako-chan a lot but,
it’s the first time I’ve been this close with Mai-chan, talking lots and,
Mai-chan’s talking and stuff, the way she talks is funny, it’s instantly a hit*(lol)


To become good friends(It might be a one sided thought (lol)) I was happy <3


2011/6/16 17:32

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