Four Leaf Search


Today the Lawson we’re indebted to isn’t your usual Lawson, it’s called Happy Lawson (≧∇≦)*


They have snacks and gifts that are kinda rare in convenience stores,
and they have a make your own snack platter, it was very fun O(≧∇≦)o <3<3



And during our breaktime,
at the field like area, Risako-chan and Mai-chan and I,
searched for four leaf clovers!
But, we couldn’t find any (>_<)


But, even if there isn’t a four leaf out there, it was fun to search for one so it’s just delightful♪


Long ago, when I was an elementary school, I’d go home from school while searching for four leaf clovers♪♪♪
The four leaf I found, was carefully placed behind a nameplate ヽ(´▽`)/


I want to try searching for four leaves again~ <3


2011/6/16 21:04

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