Training Diary 9 Makeup Training

Today is pretty hot isn’t it!
This might end up being the hottest day of the year…?!
We’re getting closer and closer to summer
as well as getting closer to the end of our training…


Yesterday we had some makeup training
and afterwards, we had a photo shoot!
Here’s a quick pic of Ueda and me ^^
in suits…



and now here in a casual outfit!



Here’s a shot with Announcer Nakakawa
who oversaw the photo shoot as well as that day’s afternoon lecture ☆



The afternoon training was time management while reading the news
As we approach… the end of our training
there will be a lot of challenges, but first and foremost, do not panic!
also develop a good sense of time!
We were taught these two points would be very important when the real thing comes
I’ll be sure to keep these things in mind
and keep on working hard!

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