Broadcast has started

Starting this Monday July 11th is our show Moe x Kon

It airs late at night from Monday to Sunday
The air time changes daily but it’s around 2-3am
On weekdays the show will be 15 minutes long, on weekends 10 minutes
We will be giving the latest entertainment news from TV Tokyo

In the first week, we will be introducing a movie from the very popular Pokemon!
This year, Pokemon will be doing a first in it’s movie history
and that is releasing two movies on the same day!
We have a packed lineup of voice actor guests
who will be giving comments you don’t want to miss ^^

I’m sure I still look like a rookie giving these MCs one after another…
but I will try to express the appeal of the entertainment the best I can.
I’ll keep working at it every day
so please watch over me ^^

Please support me!!

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  1. As a huge fan of Konno, I have to just say her technique needs work..still

    I can’t handle the emotionless stares and verbal intonation disconnections with what she deems exciting and script reading

    It is so homogenized to me ( ;__;)

    I guess having Aika in my life now has spoiled me

  2. To be fair she did say ” I’m sure I still look like a rookie giving these MCs one after another…
    but I will try to express the appeal of the entertainment the best I can “. She is well known for working on any deficiencies until she improves as she did with dance and singing during her MM/Gatas days.

    I’m sure that, given time it will all look a lot more natural.

    I have to admit that I’m not keen on the section where Konkon and Moe are photographed making various facial expresions and hand gestures which are then shown to kind of compliment the narative over some of the features. Konkon’s ‘surprised’ look is always spot on though and quite amusing.

    I am surprised at just how busy Konkon’s been over the last week. TV Tokyo are certainly making the most of their asset. As much as I like seeing her I hope they don’t wear her out.

  3. I know Robin, I shouldn’t so easily dismiss all the work that she has done up to this point.
    Her pronunciation has improved tremendously so i guess it will be a little time before she can feel more natural with it.

    Plus just the pure amount of information she has to ingest, a lot of which is something she doesn’t necessarily specialize in. The problem with this business is that more often than that, it almost expected that you’d have your fundamentals, it’s whether or you not your personality spark, draw interest and keep people wanting to watch.

    But she is being thrown right into the on camera stuff, so maybe she will grow quickly in this manner too! (o^^o)

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