August 15th AniSong Plus LIVE

On August 15th at Nakano Sun Plaza
I’ll be making an appearance at
AniSong Plus LIVE!

The main MC will be the group America Zarigani.
But the two of us will be doing a sub MC!
Since this is a live, that means no retakes
so I wonder if us newcomers will be able to handle it??

I’m starting to think that if we fail our MC
there might be some punishment game… or something.

Right, well because at this event…
the previous guests have gone so far as to form a
support group from the things they were forced to do…
Being so close now, I can smell a sense of danger there

So please come out to enjoy all the happenings you can only see here
and of course the singing on stage!

For more information go here ↓

Please check it out ^^

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