Tomorrow’s “Neta no Neta”

Tomorrow, July 15th
on News Morning Satellite (5:45am ~ 6:40am)
I’ll be making an appearance!

Today we went on site to Neta no Neta to film for tomorrow’s show.

This is the shop of tomorrow’s opening theme

Here is how the shop looks like before it opens

It’s so stylish inside…

and then, open!
There’s quite a lot of space in between seats
so it looks pretty relaxing ^^

The show is about “The shop with the most delicious ____ type of food”
so I got to taste a lot of stuff ^^

Here is a chain from Australia that has opened 3 stores
What is the secret to their popularity?
And what type of food do they serve?
Please check out tomorrow’s show to find out ^^

The food was amazing ^^

Today we were at a food place so I had a lot of fun recording
but Morning Satellite is usually a morning show that reports about the economy.
I’ll probably be really nervous when the real show airs, but I’ll do my best.

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