Happy Birthday!




Well it’s been a week but….



Well you know. The make artist and stylist I’m always indebted to and love celebrated my birthdayyyy↑↑↑↑
I was happy



I was surprised~


Well the make up artist,
said, “I’m going to the bathroom~“,
Even the stylist said,
“And me too~Bathroom~…”(lol)
Sayumi was in the dressing room alone―――(>_<)



And the make up artist and stylist came back quick,
“Eh? That was a fast bathroom break Wowwy
I thought←、
Then unbelievably, a cake came out,


they said, I was so extremely happy(;_;)




With just the cake, I woulda been plenty happy but, you got me presents too ヽ(´▽`)/


From the make up artist I got this skin softening lip gloss and this stuff that moisturizes above your eyes☆
As expected the presents feel like they come from a make up artist \(^ー^)/


From the stylist I got stuff you’d wear with clothes☆
This also feels like a present you’d expect from a stylist \(^ー^)/



Truly thank you so much!


From here on, please make Sayumi cute
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu 八(´∀`*)


2011/7/20 22:24

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