From now!
To Hawaii!
The trip begins


My companion on the plane till we get to Hawaii is this☆


Here it is――――――!


Yamada’s short stories!(≧∇≦)


Sayumi’s loved mystery book!
Yamada’s books, as of right now I’m reading them all!
This “BLACK” and “Fukushuu Shitai (tl: I Want Revenge)”, these two volumes, Yamada recently brought this out facing his 10th anniversary,
I went to the bookstore but, they were sold out I couldn’t get my hands on it (┳◇┳)


Yamada really does well huh!


Today when Zakigami! finished, I went to a big bookstore and finally got my hands on it~~~~\(^ー^)/


Just in time for Hawaii, thank goodness☆


Well, to prevent jetlag, on the plan heading there I need to sleep, and now I’m quite sleepy so,
it might not be the time for Yamada though…(lol)



I’m of―――f!!!


By the way, Yamada, the authors name, is Yamada Yuusuke.
For Sayumi, she’s been friends with him of her own accord so, she calls him Yamada!(b^ー°)


She hasn’t even met him once though (lol)


2011/7/21 22:28

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