Today all day we’ve been making a commotion batabata (;^_^)


For a moment I had no idea what was going on (゜U。)?


…….Looking back…


Well I don’t really know but, it seems fatigue has set in,
It was an incredibly tiring day——–!
Even though I slept lots yesterday (-.-)zzZ


Maybe the effects of the 3 performances from the live two days ago are still reverberating!(lol)


Even in two days I couldn’t shake of the fatigue somehow!
Sayumi getting older too!(lol)


Well, in order to get some power for lunch, at Shingawa Prince Hotel Dining Room? I at an incredible plentiful amount with Manager-san (≧∇≦)


Curry rice and
Yakiniku Bibimbab main and Japchae☆


While splitting with Manager-san I ate・ it up~~(^o^)/



But I still wanted to eat ice cream,
and I wanted to eat chocolate pizza too (lol)


There wasn’t any time,
And the uniforms skirt got hard to work with so←(lol) I gave up hope!(>Σ<)


Maybe it’s my wonderful appetite (lol)


“It’s summer so I don’t have any appetite~”


I wanted to try saying something like that… (lol)



No, but it’s better to be energetic than suffer from the summer heat (≧∇≦)



2011/8/9 21:51

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