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How are you guys? (^o^)/☆

Just the other day we recorded Tokyo Friend Park ☆
It was my first Tokyo Friend Park!!!!!!! It was fun (^^)v♪
Tanaka-san really put a lot of effort into it (*^^*)☆☆
Thank you very much ♪♪ All of the members really appreciate it (*^o^)/ (^-^*)★

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Well, the tour is about to start (>_<)!!!! I'm pretty nervous (i_i)€(^_^) Well, although right now I've calmed down a little about it ☆ At the handshake session, everyone kept asking "What's the concert gonna be like?" Unfortunately I could only tell them "It's a secret (^^)" (^_^;) With this fall concert.. there are a couple songs we're gonna sing that people haven't heard yet... ☆ Be sure to listen (^∇^)/ The costumes are also very cute so pay attention to that!!!! Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smiles~ Even though its a concert, I hope people will be healed by it ♪♪ Please look forward to it~~ (^∀^)☆

aika blog

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  1. I agree there, R/M. However, I can’t get over the fact that Reina’s hand is partially out of frame, making it look like she’s flipping us all off.

  2. new songs?? :O is there gonna be some sort of album coming out? Other than kimagure princess what other new songs would they perform? D:

  3. Aww Aika and Ai look so cute in that pic. :3 The outfits are lovely, so colourful *o*
    I’m excited about those “new songs” what could they be? :o

  4. Rrrreina is doing it again!

    Also I love the moko moko chou chou in Aika’s hair in the nine smiles outfit, I hope I have time to watch that concert

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