Ishikawa Rika-san


At today’s concert,
Morning Musume OG
Ishikawa Rika
came to visit♪


Seeing Ishikawa-san
there was great
and she danced for us(≧∇≦)


After the concert,
I said to Ishikawa-san
『I saw you! I saw you dance!』
then she replied
『At first I was shy、
but at the end I was
really dancing!』


No no Ishikawa-san!
Ishikawa-san didn’t look shy
at all while she was dancing,
in fact she doesn’t seem
like the shy person type
at all right? (lol)


She seems like the
going-all-out greedy
type doesn’t she? (lol)


When I saw her
from the stage,
she really lifted
my spirits! (lol)


She might fake being shy
but she really tries hard
to make her cuteness appealing♪


That’s not true,
Ishikawa-san truly
is very cute♪


Sayumi is
no match for her! (lol)


…that’s not true。
…Ishikawa-san is cute♪
Really cute♪
I love her♪
I admire her♪


If I praise her anymore,
it’ll start to look
like I’m lying again (lol)


…but for real!
is cute。
I love her
Honest and truly
thanks very much (^人^)


From the
Ishikawa-is-cuter Sayumi(≧∇≦)(lol)。



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