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Finally, Morning Musume’s concert tour has started ~\(^o^)/☆
Even now I still forget how nerve-wrecking the opening day is (>_<)!!!! But... it looked like Kamei-san and Junjun were even more nervous than I was, so I was like "Everything will be alright!!" (^^) and kinda hid my nervousness (^^ゞ (lol) Also, on the first day there was the shocking announcement about Kusumi-san's graduation, Crazy wasn't it... (~_~;) But Kusumi-san had a very Kusumi-ish reply to all of this... at the concert hall she let out a very positive "I'm gonna keep trying my hardest!!" which gave us all a little relief ☆ I want to really treasure the time I have left to spend with Kusumi-san... as well as during this concert tour (>▽<*)

Well, we still have until December to go and I hope to keep in mind these fresh feelings from opening day all the way through
For those people who are planning to come see us, please look forward to it (^з^)-☆♪♪

This picture was taken downtown in front of the
Morning Musume ad truck for this fall tour
If you guys see this truck around, please take pics of it (^∇^)

aika blog

Well then let’s see… just the other day I was walking around Odaiba in the Tokyo Big Sight area ☆★
When I was there, I saw a lot of airplanes ♪♪
It was windy too, it felt pretty good (^^)/
Sometimes walking long distances can be good too!!!!!!

aika blog aika blog

For next week’s concert, I’ll be pretty active again ~~ (*^^*)☆

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  1. I hope Aika can spend a good amount of time with Koharu and not just disappear from each other’s lives like other friends who are apart ^_^

    Wahh~ Aika likes to walk long distances too! It’s really refreshing to just take the time and walk :D
    Picturing Mittsi get all excited from looking at the planes is too cute! DX

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