Aika blog "13 days"

Hello again ~(^^)d☆

It’s gotten pretty cold hasn’t it, are you guys doing okay? I’m doing fine ♪♪
My throat has been a bit parched lately..
but I bought a new humidifier recently, so I’m OK now (^∇^)v

That reminds me.. Guardian 4’s 3rd single “PARTY TIME” is
now being shown as Shugo Chara Party’s opening song \(^∨^)/
The four of us are really excited about this song ☆☆
Parts of the video clip have been shown too!!!
This time, we have a green version of the uniform (^^)
This pic is from the PV filming session \(^V^)(^U^)/
The final thing ended up being really cute (*>▽<*)♪
I hope everyone can watch this soon ♪♪

aika blog

Also, a little while ago, I had sukiyaki~!! It’s winter after all..
so I was thinking “hmmm some hot pot would be nice, let’s do some sukiyaki”
In the bowl, we have a pair of eggs ☆★

aika blog

(☆∇☆)(☆□☆)(☆◇☆) Also, lately I’ve been having pairs in everything!!!!!
Like in yesterday’s sukiyaki, we had meat and tofu and stuff…
and in it, we had pairs of everything ♪
It feels like its a sign that something lucky is gonna happen ☆
I hope all of you guys have something lucky happen to you too (*U▽U*)
What a great day… ☆

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