I’m totally into it o(^-‘o)♪☆(o^-^)o~♪



until now, I haven’t really been bad with? potatoes if I have to say it but, of all vegetables I haven’t had much interest in them either…



Lately for some reason I like potatoes tooー♪


Well, potatoes or rather, potato-mochi
is what I like maybe (lol)


Well that said, I’ve made moreー★( *´艸`) The first shot★


They came out better than last time!


I seem to have gotten a knack for mashing potatoes and making them into rounds!!!↑


The second picture is,
I don’t have any other potato recipes huhー( It’s an easy to do thing (lol))
I thought, I made french fries★



It was as yummy as other places but,
of couresit’s hard to make it SakuSaku crispy like the stores huhー I talked about it with my Big sis-chan!.+゜.+゜(*´∩ω・`).+゜.+゜



The flavor, basil and salt!



2012/6/28 10:30

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