I’ve Done Itーーーー!



Today you knowー,
Actually, I oversleptー(lol)


Overslept, or rather, 25 minutes before I left the house, the first time I woke up, I went into the living room but,


I went back into my room for some reason!
And slept for a second time(≡Д≡;)


5 minutes before I left, I woke up 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。



Mom was awake but,
Sayumi, lately has been getting up properly by herself, and she picked her head out into the living room once so,
for Mom,
she thought like Sayumi was preparing in her roomー(ノД<)ノ



Well, from there, Sayumi had to start high speed preparations!!!!AWAWA (。Д°;三;゜Д°) AWAWA



But you know, it’s surprising but…
I got ready in 7 minutes \(^o^)/



And made it on time as usual (lol)


Ahー, thank goodness♪♪♪



Big sis-chan had asked me
“Did you oversleep?(Smirk)”


2012/6/28 15:09

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