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Hello m(__)m☆☆

The cold weather is pretty noticeable nowadays,
you guys haven’t caught colds or anything right???
I don’t feel the coldness at all actually, so I’m fine ♪♪
I wear down-clothing so actually its quite the opposite, it’s pretty hot (+_+;)(LOL)

Continuing on with Izu!!!
You’re not bored with it right!? It’s ok… right? (;_;)

aika blog

aika blog

This was during the live concert ☆(^^)
The t-shirts have rhinestones attached to them (^-^)v
They were given to us like that!!! (^^*)LOL)
Were you guys surprised when you saw us come out? (*^^*)
I was pretty surprised… everyone moved up closer to us f(^^;(LOL)
Including the members, I’m glad we all got through that safely!!!!
It was a bit dangerous, but it was a lot of fun when everyone got out of their seats ♪♪
That’s something that can’t be done when the whole group is there (^_^)☆
I’m sure you guys all enjoyed it (^^)!!!!
The setlist wasn’t the stuff we normally sing
and we formed mini units as well…
I think it turned out to be a very special live ☆★
We all had a great time, what about you guys? ♪♪
I think the Izu concert was a great success ☆☆

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  1. There sure are a lot of ChiPan (JunAika) pictures lately o_o

    I find it so adorable how Aika worries over simple things :3 and I also find it cool how Aika is one of the few momusu members who actually where pants in the winter LOL

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