2013-01-05 23:45:20


Today’s concert was also really funn note dokidoki


For the Nakano Sun Plaza dressing room…


Tanaka Reina-chan and,
Mano Erina-chan and,
Mitsui Aika-chan and,


These four


With these four, we have harmonious friendly talk dmheart


An all of the dressing room + Iikubo Harunan dokidoki picture




Such a fun looking atmosphere~dmheart dmheart dmheart dmheart





But, just Mano-chan has a kinda fake smile?(lol)


we talked about it,



and that said, we need to break in more, and take another picture~that’s what happened XD XD XD XD



Mmm, Reina and Harunan broke in too muchー(lol)


It’s cuteーthough


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