Five Days!!!

2013-01-06 22:36:50


Good Work Everyoeーーーpinkheart pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart



Nakano Sun Plaza!!!!


Five Days in a row of concerts!!!!


have safely finished dnote dnote


Today, we had three shows heart


I was fired up dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



It was fun!


Everyone who came dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki
Everyone who’s cheering us on dmheart dmheart dmheart


Thank you so much blackspark


Today for sure, I’m gonna plopthud BatanKyuーーXD


↑Wrーong angle(lol) makes you laugh huh~


This, it’s the outfit from the goods this time dokidoki


Isn’t it just KyawaKyawa Cyutieyutie? yot yot yot



This kind of pure white coat, it’s wonderful dokidoki blackspark blackspark blackspark


Ah, that’s right,
Winter break, it was until today huh??



From tomorrow, it’s full-blown back to school and work huh…


Everyone please do your best kay


Sayumi will do her best tooーーー


Everyone let’s do our bestーー


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