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Ladies and gentlemen, this brings us to the end of the Izu tour pics (^_^)☆
Thank you for following along!!!!!!
You guys had fun right?!?!
A shot from the last day ☆
Izu’s atmosphere and scenery was so refreshing ♪♪
We surprised everyone with a farewell (^_^)/~~
It’d be nice if we could do another bus tour ♪♪
I think that’d be great (*^^*)
By the way, I never gave a proper
Pastel Color Days New Years greeting huh (–;)
Sorry about that f(^_^;
Happy new years ☆m(__)m☆
Please continue to support
Morning Musume, Mitsui Aika, and Pastel Color Days this year too!!!!

Right now we’re switching up to the Shuffle Date set list,
we’ll do our best at Nakano Sun Plaza ☆★
Please, please come to see us ~\(^^)/

2 thoughts on “Aika blog "22days"

  1. Thanks Sferries,
    I won’t translate the secret letter Aika-chan sent to me however…teeheee

  2. Of course I’ll continue to support
    Morning Musume, Aika you no need to worry about it~

    May you progress with the new year!

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