Aika's Blog "1 Days"

Good afternoon!
I’ll be posting a lot of pictures to hopefully heal the body and mind of everyone!
In addition to healing, it’ll also be a good way for me to share with you guys how I’m doing.

Well then, let’s get started. Just a little while ago, we went to LA’s Anime Expo 2009. Hope you find some healing from this picture (*^^*)☆ The theme for this pic is.. “cheers for a job well done” (^з^)-☆

Whether from work, school, housework, etc.. this pic is like a “grab a drink to get a little relief” kinda pic lol (^з^)-☆

Anyway, the weather in LA was amazing so I took a pic of the scenery! (^з^)-☆ Isn’t it pretty??!! I was so touched by looking at this beauty (^∇^*)/

Also, the fruits were soooo good (*^^*) They even have my fav! Raspberries♪♪ So good!!!!☆

I got to see Hollywood (^-^)v It was such a good place I thought.. I’d like to come back again in my private time (☆▽☆)♪

0 thoughts on “Aika's Blog "1 Days"

  1. Aika’s blog KITA!!!!!

    Finally =P

  2. thanks for the translation =D

  3. Hi! thank you so much for translating!! I was dying to read~~

  4. SUGOI!! Thanks so much for taking Aika on!!!!!!

  5. HaHa the cup and raspberry just look ginormous!! It took me a sec to realize they were just closer to the camera.
    Aika is so cute!! I’m so glad she was the first to get a blog.

  6. Yay thanks so much for translating this!!!

  7. Thank you Thank you, I’ve always wanted to know more about Aika.

  8. Aika is really cute…
    thanks for translating this.

  9. Love the pictures
    thanks a bunch for the translation

  10. Aika’s so adorable in those pictures; and she’s quite the photographer, too. She definitely knows a good scenery/setting when she sees one. ♥

    Thanks a bunch for taking up the job of translating Aika’s blog. =)

  11. Yaay thanks for translating! ^^ Cute Aika~ :D

  12. YES!! AIKA’S BLOG ーーーーキターーーー!!

  13. Ah~~~ Thank you so much (*w*) She was such a sweetheart @ AX <3

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  15. They’re finally allowed to blog?? :D Awesome! Thanks for the translation!

  16. Isn’t her father a photographer? If I’m right, she should have learned something.

  17. thanks so much for subbing this!! :]]

  18. Thanks for the translation! I’m glad to see that Aika loved LA ^_^

  19. YEAH!!! Aika has a blog ~! thankyou sooo much for translating! *bows* man, she’s such a cutie xD

  20. Aika Is SOO Cute <3 she's my favorite. I LOVE her face when she has the raspberry XD So cute.

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