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Before this Pastel Color Days blog started, I was told “everyone is looking forward to it!!!!” I was so happy to hear that (*^^*)♪

I hope to keep updating this p(^▽^)q
Please continue to support me from here on out m(__)m☆

So anyways, the drawings and pics from this blog are shot, drawn, and written by me. Everything is completely original o(^-^o)(o^-^)o
It was a lot of fun to make them☆☆

We’re right in the middle of the H!P summer concert tour.. during that time I went to a pet shop to check out puppies!!!! And this is one of the cute puppies I found ~(゜▽゜;)☆

aika blog

She’s just too cute ーーーー★☆ I thought I was gonna end up taking her home on the spot!!!!!!!!!(^^) It was very refreshing♪♪

aika blog

Also here is a shot of the Nanchatte Renai outfit with Kusumi-san and Junko~(^.^)(^-’)(>▽<) Taking pics of myself is kinda embarrassing.. so I had them take it for me f(^ー^;♪ This is the kind of fun we have every day!!!!(^ー^) Until next time(^▽^*)/

10 thoughts on “Aika's blog "2Days"

  1. Aww Mitsui is so cute being embarrassed taking a photo of herself. XD

  2. peace kawaii


    was is Sayumi the girl from the farther right

  3. It’s Koharu on the right and Junjun on the left.

  4. Haha, Junko! XD I’m glad everyone was looking forward to her blog, I can’t wait for any more entries she’ll have up for you guys translate. Thanks! ^^

  5. Mitsui is so cute <3 !! Thankis for translating !!

  6. Awww~ Mittsi is so cute not being able to take photos of herself X3

    AHA!! This is the fourth time I’ve heard Junjun’s nickname being called! I quite like it :D

  7. I love the Junko nick, i’m definitely gonna use it :)

  8. R/M: I think Bx meant the one to the right of Koharu. You can see someone’s shoulder and thigh going out of the frame in the background.

  9. Cute lil’ pup. ♥

    Aw, and Aika’s embarrassed to take pictures of herself? That’s just adorable. I understand how she feels, since I’m quite the same. XD

  10. @Psykel: Well then yes, it looks like Sayu.

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