2013-03-21 23:26:34


Good Eveningー[みんな:01][みんな:02][みんな:03][みんな:04]




I haaaaave an announcement from Haloli[みんな:05][みんな:06]


20:00~21:00(Scheduled Time)キラキラ


In the role of Action RPG 『Dragon Nest』’s God Idol 「Haloli」,
Morning Musume。 Michishige Sayumi is appearing on 「Hangame Live!! Extra Edition」 broadcasting live from Harajuku NicoNico headquarters[みんな:08][みんな:09][みんな:10]

In the program, other than the talk arguing the views and headed idol debate between Michishige Sayumi’s in game God Idol “Haloli” and herself, there will be a corner where Michishige Sayumi will form a party together with guests, and go on a realtime experience eliminating monsters[みんな:11][みんな:12]


Observe frantically protecting Sayumi while eliminating monsters in gameキラキラドキドキキラキラドキドキ


Please watch kay[みんな:13][みんな:14]


I’m counting on youドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ



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