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Heeeey there (^-^)v
Sorry about being behind on the updates (>_<) I've been bustling around quite a bit ...(+_+;) The New Years H!P concerts are over too (;_;) *tear* I'm so sad (;o;) There's so much going on during H!P-wide concerts huh (*^^*)☆ You don't go out as much as normal concerts, but I still had fun ♪ And also it lets us meet with the other fans we don't normally see at MM concerts as well as bond with the other groups I love it (^^)d After this though we split back up into our own groups again and do our own thing (^∀^)>

Oh by the way, during the New Years concerts,
we debuted our Guardians 4 new song “Going On!”♪♪
This time we’re in cute yellow outfits ☆
And another reason why I love it is… (*^^*)♪
I was able to take a 2shot with Mr. Lion,
so please check out the Making Of for our PV (^▽’*)/
What did you think of Aika during the H!P New Years concerts?
You all got healed right? (>_<)☆

aika blog

aika blog

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