Aika blog "25days"

Helloooo (^○^)☆

aika blog

Here is some Aika therapy, some of C-ute’s Hagiawara Mai goodness (lol) (^^)d♪♪
We dressed up in some fancy attire ☆ for a magazine photoshoot ♪
On this day, there were sooo many H!P members (^-^)v

aika blog

Next up is a pic from the H!P Mobekimasu concert in Nakano Sun Plaza \(^^)/
We kinda have the same hairdo don’t we? (^.^)
Lately we’ve been told we’re just like sisters ♪♪
That makes me happy (*´▽`*)
I hope we can continue to bond even more and more!!!! (^^)

5 thoughts on “Aika blog "25days"

  1. >I hope we can continue to bond even more and more!!!!
    I want to be happy but some disgusting faggot has hijacked Mai

  2. Seriously… sigh… =(

  3. ^

    Were’s the disgusting faggot? cuz I seriously don’t see one here… oh wait maybe I do see one. hmm…

    Anyway, I’m glad Mai and Aika are hanging out more often! It’s great to see members getting along nicely :D

  4. wt is this?, aika’s translated blog? and ANSWER

  5. ^yes. so much anger :s

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