Black jack

These are all the surveys from work that have piled up (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


And for most of these, the deadlines are tomorrow!
I’m in a rush


Well, since I slept so much during the day
it’s time now to be fully engulfed in surveys!!


For me,
I often make mistakes and I usually have to rewrite a lot of stuff later,
so I’ll start off a mechanical pencil so I can erase if needed ♪


After reading it over and over and finally giving myself the GO sign
I’ll write over with a ball point pen ↑


This is the mechanical pencil I’m using ☆


It’s Black Jack’s Pinoko-chan
She’s so cute isn’t she (*^o^*)


This has been my favorite pencil since elementary school


I have a matching one with my sis (^_^)v


Back in elementary school, I used to love reading the Black Jack manga with my sis (≧∇≦)


But being an elementary school student, I didn’t have any money
so we collected all the used versions of the volumes together
it’s something I really treasure (^_^)v


So that’s why when I
had appendicitis in my 3rd year of elementary school,
I seriously wanted a Black Jack surgery!!


Hard to believe huh


Acchon burike (≧ε≦)*
* From Black Jack

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