Announcement \(^o^)/

2014-08-16 22:03:48


Good Evening!!![みんな:01]



Today was concerts in Nakano Sun Plaza音譜音譜音譜




In the first show I got to make an announcement!!!!アップ



First off,


The announcement for Morning Musume。’14’s 57th new single[みんな:02]


For Sayumi it’s her last single huh.



The release day is, ☆10/15☆



This time, it’s a Triple A side single[みんな:03][みんな:04][みんな:05]



The titles are…





『Shabadaba Du~』


『Mikaeri Bijin』 [tl: The Looking Back Beauty]


These 3 songs[みんな:06][みんな:07][みんな:08]



『TIKI BUN』 is read as 『Chikibun』 [tl guess: like “The childish part”]アップ



『TIKI BUN』 is,
a current Morning Musume。! feeling cool song,


For it being Sayumi’s last single song it makes me really happyラブラブ







『Shabadaba Du~』






This song,



It’s Sayumi’s solo song!ドキドキ



Sayumi’s solo song!



Isn’t that ammmazing?


And and, in Sayumi’s 12 years, she’s hardly ever had a solo part in a single


and that one is, in her final single, a solo song!!!!!
She gets to sing one whoーle song~\(^o^)/



This is already



a miracle







I’m really happyラブラブ!




This Shabadaba Du~ you know



In one word it’s







I thinkクラッカー




It’s a song only 『Sayumi』 can sing[みんな:09]



『Mikaeri Bijin』
This song is, sung by the 9 members without Sayumi音譜



The 3 songs are all different types of songs[みんな:10][みんな:11][みんな:12]


Everyone, by all means please look forward to themドキドキ




And, another announcement!!



The final day of the Morning Musume。’14 Fall Tour starting 9/20!!!


That’s right, my Morning Musume。 graduation day you know…



That day is, 11/26☆



The place, Yokohama Arena☆☆☆☆



Waaビックリマーク I’m happyビックリマークラブラブラブラブ



By all means!!! Everyone please come to support usドキドキ




And tomorrow at 18:00, the special site related to all the information announced today will be opened[みんな:13][みんな:14][みんな:15]




And you know


The top page for that site


will have days until graduation, a how many days left countdown displayed[みんな:16]



Tomorrow 18:00, it’ll be roughly 100 days and some hours until graduation!



100 days left huhh…



Somehow it’s finally getting close huh… that feeling and,


I still can’t believe it…


That feeling.




Today, I thought about it.



From tomorrow, 100 days left.



The countdown starts.



Already we can’t backdown.




No, of course, you can’t go back from before but,



But counting down each day by day



The feeling it’s getting closer or rather…



Mmーhmm it’s hard but,



This “100 days left day” the only day like it


This “99 days left day” the only day like it



That’s just natural though(lol)



Each and every day is the only day like it so,



Really, I want to treat each day preciously!
I don’t want to have regrets!




I once again felt that stronglyドキドキ



I kinda havne’t gotten my words in order huh, sorry汗



When the special site opens, please go look at it kayラブラブラブラブラブラブ



From here it’s talk not related to the announcement.



No, maybe it is related…?




Well you know, today’s Sayumi you know…



her face was reaally swollenーーーーーしょぼんしょぼんしょぼん



For today’s concert you know, the important announcements were from me you know.









I wanted to make the announcement as 100 percent cute Sayumi and yet…tear



Really without my concent, particularly on a really important day, my own face getting swollen makes me reallyーー sadしょぼん



It’d be great if tomorrow I could be cute Sayumi…ドキドキ



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